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  1. Tamagotchi's Name: Darla Tamagotchi's Age: 5 Date of Birth: ??? Date of Passing: ??? What Generation? 2 Your Comments: It was a long time ago when my very firs V4 Adult Got Married and i let Darla Die by accident a long time ago...
  2. 1. The Headphones on the Music Star 2. The Glow in the Dark from the v4 Version 3. Mametchi 4. I think like Explore outside and stuff and get to go to parks and meet Tamagotchi's
  3. I need help because on the Music City Website it wont let me put anything in my Apartment or Recieve Stuff from the website to my Tamagotchi v6 and i dont know why it wont let me . i need help plase!
  4. I have Mametchi ! :]he goes to sleep at 9:00 PM
  5. Here are some Charecters - Petitchi boy and Girl , Mametchi Memetchi Violetchi Mimitchi Ringotchi, Kuchipatchi Kikitchi That Yellow Dinosore Tama, Kuchitamatchi Kuribotchi IchigotchiAndortchi, Young Mametchi Oniontchi Young Mimitchi and thats all i know . Ps. How do i upload pics on a topic?
  6. yeah i made a grave in my backyard with a cross made of stickes and glue right next to my other pets - Rover☺ ( Boy Mouse Flakys love :3) , Flaky ♥, Peaches my moms Fish , and last but not least TwoLip my moms boyfriends fish. yeah pretty mest up right? lol
  7. You see i had 2 pet mice right? and one died about 4 months ago and i got them on my birth day but you see today my pet mouse Snowflake AKA - Flaky just died today! im really bummed...
  8. ps. Its a different josh not Tamalove67 & TamaLove my Friend.
  9. my birthdays coming in 13 days im going to be 12! , but unfortunatly my Mom said no more tamas becouse im a 11/12 Year old boy soo yeah Sigh oh and my friend Named Josh He dosnt like tamas and he told me to smash my 6 tamas on my birthday I dont Want Too! but it ok ill hide em under my pillow lolz .
  10. I made a tamagotchi Site on and i cant find my site! its so STUPID!11
  11. I have a tamagotchi v4.5 and ive ben wondering how do u get Ichigochi or UFOtchi ???