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  1. Hello I was just curious why wont my devilgotchi evolve?! It is day 9 and it is still a pukadabitchi (sp).
  2. hey do u know how to fill up the 4 bubbles on the menu?!
  3. its really fun! and i have one and love it what color will you get.
  4. Can you play with the hexagon version color tama if you can not speak japanese? I heard there was a game on there and you need to speak japanese.. a quiz or something?!
  5. Does anyone have any information on whether or not people outside of Japan will still have full functionality of the tamagotchi since we wont be able to download things?
  6. if you catch them mulitple times and catch them b 4 the go on the floor .. and they go on the tolet,,,, cant you train them to always use the tolet then?... i thought that you could do that on old tamagotchis?
  7. wow thank you so much binary one thing ... what does that 3rd option do in the heart icon screen?
  8. when you go to the book icon and click on another tamagotchi who you are freinds with, what are all those options? there are 3 screens.... both with 2 options.. anyone know?!
  9. how do you mate 2 tamagotchi colors?... i think its the 3rd option on the heart icon...but when i try it it wont conect!.. they are both of mating age and both have the option highlighted for them to go and mate with the matchmaker! help!
  10. thansk binary! . also how do you connect the tama suku and a uratama. i am not sure which the options are on either thx
  11. wow thanks for the info binary that is awsome! thanks! yea i have an uratama and another tamasuku... with the tamasuku too.. i was curious about taht website you listed the e-tamago one... if you could post the link for the tamagotchi school... cause i couldnt find it thanks!
  12. awsome the same amount on both tamas? is the characters the same on both? and once i get to about 92 it stops... no matter how much i play with it do you know why?!
  13. um no body got what i wrote i gather? i wrote that i find other tamagotchis i own from b 4, boring because i got the tama color ...
  14. i am so sad! i have all these other tamagotchis but when ever i try to play with them i get bord like in a day. because they arnt colored.. and yes i bought the colored tama and it has ruined it for me for all my other tamas! help does anyone know how to get around this or has anyone else experienced this?!
  15. hello! i am wondering, how many characters can you get for a tamagotchi school, the version one and version 2? thanks!