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  1. jasen221

    New Beginnings (Zach's new Tama log)

    Guys, I am moving my blog to my forum. Here is a link to the continuation blog. :3 EDIT: ...why won't the hyperlink work.
  2. jasen221

    New Beginnings (Zach's new Tama log)

    Hey everyone! I'm back with another entry lol. I am thinking about moving my blog to my forum. No fan mail today. Family name: Konreignes Tamagotchis: Cindy, Torotchi, female, age 1 Klaus, Mousetchi, male, age 1 Rose, Belltchi, female, age 1 Parents: N/A Gotchi: $0 Bonds: 0% Generation: 1st And now, for the blog bit, "Rose Growing" with Rose Konreignes! Welcome to Rose Growing, with your host, Rose Konreignes! I am here today to discuss growing roses! Rose growing is very simple. It just takes a big heart and a little bit of Prince Tamahiko. The first thing to do is make sure none of the Rose's siblings bother her. Also, make sure and let her marry Prince Tamahiko! ;3 That's the end of this blog bit for today, thanks! I gotta go, sorry :< I'll post again tomorrow!
  4. jasen221

    New Beginnings (Zach's new Tama log)

    GUYS I'M BACK FOR ANOTHER UPDATE dfgrhhrh Anyways the toddlers are doing well :> I saw Cindy having a tea party all by herself today. I think she needs some friends. :< There is no fan mail. Family name: Konreignes Tamagotchis: Cindy, Futabatchi, female, age 1 Klaus, Mimifuwatchi, male, age 1 Rose, Omutchi, female, age 1 Parents: N/A Gotchi: $0 Bonds: 0% (;n;) Generation: 1st And now for the daily specific blog bit! Today, we are going to do a bit called "Cindy Says"! Welcome to MY blog bit, where YOU get answers to all your questions! *applause* I am Cindy Konreignes, and I'm your host today. I have a letter, from Purge Konreignes in Clear Lake, Iowa! Purge writes: "Dear Cindy (That's me!), I have a two story house and every day when it's time for me to go to work, I jump out the window and fall on the ground. So far I've broken my leg twenty times. Do you have any advice for me?" ...Well, Purge, you know what I have to say? USE THE STINKING STAIRS! YOU JUMPED OUT OF A WINDOW??? ARE YOU SERIOUS??? I THINK YOU JUMPED OFF A WINDOW AND BROKE YOUR BRAIN!!!!!! ...Thank you so much for watching my show! See you next time! Blue is for me (jasen221). Grey is for Purge. Violet is for Cindy. Gold is for Klaus. Red is for Rose. HOW DARE YOU SEND ME A LETTER??? No-one else was going to... URGH, I'LL TEAR YOU APART!!!! And I thought you were the one who didn't take part in such arguments. ...Rose, do you want me to make you WILT??? ... *crys* What in Arceus's name is going on here? SHE SAID SHE WOULD MAKE ME WILT!!! Cindy Konreignes... How many times have I told you not to tease your sister...? ...Once. Great, now don't make me tell you again. K? Ugh... Okay... And Rose, don't worry. You'll be fine. Anyways, I'm going back to cooking your dinner. Thank you, Daddy! You're the very best! Hey, I wanna help! Hm, okay. Klaus thinks he's helping. **in the kitchen** Daddy, what am I doing? You're doing taste testing. Making sure all the ingredients are of the highest quality. YAY! Okay, what are we making? Well... We've never had steak fillets before, let's try them! **sometime later** Okay, dinner's ready! Mmm... Tasty... Klaus, go get Rose and Cindy please. Okay! **Klaus walks off** Purge, you need to eat now that you're a Tamagotchi. Ugh, don't tell me what I already know. I'm so not used to it. **Klaus and Rose and Cindy walk in** Okay, kids, time to eat! Oh, lovely! Something different than croissants! Ha, ha, very funny. I'll shop for new recipes tomorrow. Daddy, I saw Prince Tamahiko on TV today! Oh, yes? He's pretty! ...Wait, don't tell me... YES! I want to marry Prince Tamahiko! Ohhh boy. Wait... WHAAAAATTTTTTT???????//???/ I called him! No, I DID! **fight ensues** ...So Purge, how do you like my steak fillets? They're awesome, Zach. Daaadddd!!! Stop this fighting! ...Girls. **fighting is continuing** Girls! **fighting still continues** GIRLS! **fighting comes at a standstill** Girls, please, no fighting at the table. But she- No butts. K? Fine... Okay daddy. Good, good. Now, before another fight ensues, I'll end this entry. Well, that's the end of it for today. Thanks for reading! Byeee! :> And here is the photo bin! The triplets were doing something.... I'm not even sure what this is... Taken about an hour before this entry. It happens more often than you think.
  5. I'm back, again! This is take six (I believe) on my TamaTalk blog. Anyways, this time around, I'm starting with a V5.5 (shout out to TicTax for suggesting it :3). Anyways, there's three little babies here, and I will now do stats! Family name: Konreignes (I know this wouldn't actually fit. the name on the toy is KNRNS.) Tamagotchis: Cindy, Futabatchi, female, age 0 Klaus, Mimifuwatchi, male, age 0 Rose, Omutchi, female, age 0 Parents: N/A Gotchi: $0 Bonds: 0% Generation: 1st Okay, well, I'm going to have an entry-specific blog bit every entry! This is to keep some variety amongst the entries and so I can try out new writing techniques! :3 And now it's time for "What to do", with Cindy, Klaus, and Rose! Woohoo! *applause* Okay, now first question goes to Cindy! What do you do when you see a fight on TamaCHAT? ...RUN AWAY!!! How smart! She chooses the leap and flee tactic! That's my girl! Well, that's all the time we have for today, folks! Thanks for reading... What To Do, with Cindy! *applause* Blue is for me (jasen221). Grey is for Purge. Violet is for Cindy. Gold is for Klaus. Red is for Rose. I welcome Purge, the newly transformed Shimashimatchi! *applause* Woah guys, these last few days have been ultra-strange to me. But I'm a Tama now! Which means all the lady Tamas better watch out purge pls. Well. I guess those lady Tamas had better watch out. You know. Since Purge gets his tips from me chaz pls. I get my tips from yo momma. ...I will punch you in the throat. Wait, why are you angry, Daddy? ...Uhm. We'll talk about that when you're more mature, honey. I know what it means! ...You had better not. I don't participate in such arguments. I will be in my room if anyone needs me. Okay, Cindy Lou Who. Stop calling me that! Purge, go get me some water. Nooo, get your own water. Blargh. BLEH TO YOU. Bleh to you too, Father. Daddy is your Daddy too, Purge? Well, not really. He found me. Oh, where? ...Well, I guess I stalked him until he took me in. Dude, don't tell me you're a crazy... Don't worry. I'm only an intergenetic experiment. Da heck does that mean... You'll find out when you're more mature. There it is! I've started my blog back! OMG THEY JUST EVOLVED... I now have a Tororotchi, Mousetchi, and a Belltchi! Well, thanks for reading! :3 ...I nearly forgot about the photo bin! There is Cindy Lou Who on the toilet. It's a shameful moment when your V5.5 makes this animation. :<
  6. jasen221


    Dear person: I trust my friends. They told me what I heard. It eventually came back around to you. When I asked you... You lied to me. You lied straight to my face. That hurt me, a lot and I don't like getting lied to (it happens enough already). I thought we were friends... But I'm really starting to question that now.
  7. jasen221


    Dear parents: Dear Christina Perri: Stop reading my journal. daer ehlah: eberyday im suhfilln'
  8. jasen221

    Tamagotchi L.I.F.E, New from Bandai

    My opinion on Tamagotchi L.I.F.E.:
  9. It actually was, until a certain someone made a status about it (not talking about you)... ¬_¬
  10. I think it would be better if Tama fans, Hetalians, and others could just coexist without fighting.
  11. jasen221

    What is your avatar angry about?

    My Ethan avatar is angry because everything is an argument now ._.
  12. jasen221

    What is your avatar angry about?

    My Ethan avatar is angry because he's surrounded by fighting.
  13. jasen221

    What is your avatar angry about?

    My Ethan avatar is angry because he's surrounded by idiots.
  14. jasen221

    Fearless (False Smiles)

    False smiles loiter here More and more, coming ever near. Am I still not good enough? Am I still not tough enough? Go ahead and point your finger at me. Living my life like a champ, that's where I'll be. Judge me, for I am wrong. Punish me, for writing this song. Go ahead, nobody's stopping you... And act like you're little perfect miss Sue. You have made your place clear... You raised me to fear. I am scared of darkness. And you come, with your sharpness... I burn your words with my flames. You're speaking to me? You oughta refrain. I look at you, and you're in denial. I decide to give you a false smile. Now you think everything's okay, that it's all fine. Act like it's all good, and that you're mine. Words cannot convey the pain you inflicted. With every time I've been indicted. You may have brang me into this world, But I am not your son. I am your worst nightmare, quicker than a gun. So give me another false smile, I'll be waiting here. I am stronger now, and you are not something I fear.
  15. jasen221

    Goodbye, jasen221

    ^My face after I read that. I'm literally about to shed tears. Thank you so much for the beautiful poem. I haven't gotten a gift like this in a long time (: