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  1. Ninja: Ninja changed into Pyonchitchi a while ago. It looks kinda wierd but hes still cute Other than that he's been connecting with Kelso and singing! He's so cute! Kelso: Well, Yoko is dead She died this morning when I overslept..I named my new babytchi after kelso from that 70's show, and I think his IQ dropped lol He sent Ninja a flower then a snake, then changed into marutchi. Senshiko
  2. Ninja: Today ninja got his 9th training point I hope he turns into an adult soon, I think he has a day or two left.. Yoko: I've been taking bad care of yoko so I'll get a maskutchi, but I don't want to kill her so I'm doing a bad job of taking bad care of her lol I think i just confused myself..anyway, all she did today was get sick and give ninja a snake, then a heart. Is ichigotchi maybe the mood-swing tama? lol Senshiko
  3. Ok! I'll try that out, thanks! Senshiko
  4. I love Maskutchi but how do you get it??? I had one on my v1 but I don't remember what I did..please help! Senshiko
  5. You can say what you did to get it too if you want. (how you treated it, training points when it changed etc) If you do, say wether you have v1 or v2. Also, sorry if anyone has already posted this, I looked and didn't see any. Senshiko
  6. I've beat round 8 by some miracle, then it said champion. I can't remember if there were any levels after that or I just lost round 9.. Senshiko
  7. I have 3, one pink Angelgotchi, a green connection v1 and camo connection v2 Senshiko
  8. The one for mobile phones might not come out here, since they would release the Keitai with it and I don't think they will As for the mini, I think it's coming out around fall..not sure.
  9. I've started up my v1 tama again, so now I'll be logging both! She just hatched so I'm pretty busy keeping her stats up. I decided to name her Yoko, and right now I'm connecting with Ninja, who just gave her a flower! Awwwww
  10. I used to play neopets when it first came out. I liked it then, but now it's way too commercialized. So many people play it now and like neptune said, they haven't ajusted the site to fit that. Personally, I'm sick of it, they've gone way down hill.
  11. Well, this morning I woke up just as Ninja turned into Ringotchi, so thats cool. At least I didn't get Ichigotchi again, I was starting to get pretty sick of that on my v1 Hopefully I'll get enough points up today to, well I dunno yet but I'm sure I can waste em on something Also I'm hoping to buy a new battery for my v1, then they can be friends ~Senshiko~
  12. Today I've been playing a ton of games with Ninja, trying to get more points. I started out with 70 this morning and now I have 1105. Hehe, little guy keeps getting cavities from all the snacks i've been giving him..I also got another training point today when I gave him a time out for beeping for no reason. -Senshiko