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  1. The dumbest show for me is Billy and Mandy. I just hate spoofs with burning passion, and I remember when they made the Pokemon spoof and turned Bulbasaur into Bulbaslobaguts! And the episode where a mermaid called Harielle (well, I think it's a spoof of Arielle from Little mermaid) fell in love with Billy. I think the weirdest show is Yo Gabba Ga-*shot*
  2. Wow. That was pointless! I understand that sometimes people feel like breaking stuff out of anger, but why something expensive? He should have just threw it away if he didn't like the tamagotchi.
  3. Ambidextrous, but my right handwriting is a little neater.
  4. Because I am a human. Why does my brother sleep in a weird way?
  5. I didn't even think it was possible! It must be horrible to never age and experience what the average person your age can do. This is really shocking.
  6. I don't believe it. Unless they mean that there will be natural disasters and stuff like that, I kinda agree. But I do not think it will END.
  7. Thats more overused than the normal "FAIL."
  8. My DeviantArt Yes, I know. Only 2 pictures. I will make more soon. And don't mind the fact that the age there is different... My drawings look a bit too cutesy... And all of them are Anime-related. even my favorites are anime too
  9. I ban you for being human!
  10. My name means divine (First name) and Bitter sea (My other name, if you don't get it it is *insert first name* *NAME GOES HERE* *Middle initial* *Family name*). The bitter sea is not really described as divine. Very weird.