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  1. I called up Myer today, turns out that only the Melbourne and Sydney stores will be getting them. Melbourne doesn't have them yet, but has the display materials, and will be getting them any day now. So for those of you who don't live in Melbourne or Sydney, sorry
  2. Like everyone else said, we don't know about whether Tamagotchi Life will eventually get us a new Tamagotchi, but according to Anz Falcon (spokesperson for Tamagotchi Life I believe) the products Tamagotchi Life will be releasing are TamaDepa products from Japan. I'm pretty excited about this to be honest.
  3. Tamagotchi Connections (V1+) do not die of old age. Only vintage/ancestor Tamagotchis (eg. P1, P2, Angel, Ocean) die of old age.
  4. The V1 and Plus have the same relationship that the V5 and FamiTama have: they are exactly the same, except for the language, and possibly some minor localisation changes. They are 100% compatible. V1s and V5s can both connect to and marry their Japanese counterparts. Just for the record, V1s and V5s are different to V2-4.5 and V5.5 and up, in that those versions vary from slightly to vastly from their Japanese counterparts, and are not always able to marry or even connect.
  5. I always threw away the packaging of them. :/ And also I had them all on a lanyard, even when I have more than 10. I eventually stopped, but when I had about 12 Tamas on them they would all scratch each other and the lanyard would swing and they'd hit walls and everything.
  6. I contacted Bandai South Asia via Facebook to see if they're still selling Tamagotchi iD Ls in Asia, because I was hoping they'd still be available on eBay closer to my birthday. This is what they said: Bandai South Asia - Girls & Boys Toys Official Page Me: Hi, are you still selling Tamagotchi iDL English ver.? Or have you stopped making them now? Bandai South Asia - Girls & Boys Toys Official Page: Hi we are still selling Tamagotchi iDL (English version) in stores Me: Great! Just curious, do you have any plans to sell them in Australia? Bandai South Asia - Girls & Boys Toys Official Page: hi and sorry for the late reply! maybe in the near future Me: That's okay, thankyou so much for replying though! Even a maybe is good enough for me!! Bandai South Asia - Girls & Boys Toys Official Page: no problem! if there's any news, we will update here The reason I posted this is because of the way they answered my question about whether the Tamagotchi iD L would ever make its way to Australia (especially after they were sold in the UK). They said maybe in the near future... if they had absolutely no plans for it, wouldn't they have said, "maybe sometime in the future" or something? The way they said the "near future" made me think that they have some sort of plan for the near future, otherwise they wouldn't have used that word. I'm going to keep a lookout at all the usual stores that get Tamagotchis for the next few months, hopefully we get them because I'll buy two of them. Another thing I want to mention is that we can't pry any information out of Funtastic anymore because I emailed them a few weeks ago, and they told me that they are no longer the distributors of Tamagotchi. The most recent Tamagotchi releases, the second wave of Tama-Go and the first (and only, in Australia), wave of figures were all distributed by someone else - I think it was TLS or something? I Googled them but didn't find any information on them or if they were going to continue distributing Tamagotchi in Australia.
  7. Hey binary, where did you get those old pictures from?
  8. Ok that would probably do it though lol. Don't worry about it, there'll be no negative effects on the growth of your Angel.
  9. Anz, thanks for responding to our comments about T-life. I'm so sorry to hear that you cried when you saw the negative comments. Considering you're a Tamagotchi fan, and us Tamagotchi fans made such negative comments, I'm really sorry. But may I just say that while the marketing is a bit strange, for me personally, I don't think Tamagotchi LIFE sounds that bad. In fact, now that you've said that it's a way of getting Japanese TamDepa products in the US, I'm really looking forward to it. Thankyou for your perseverance, please don't be too hurt by some of the things we've said! Do you perhaps know if there's any chance of the brand being released in other countries outside of Japan and the US (such as Australia)?
  10. Have you been putting it to sleep instead of pausing it? Everytime your Angel wakes up, the age will increase by one. It shouldn't do any harm to the growth of your Angel, and it's not a sign of physical damage or anything. It's just you'll have a very Angel.
  11. Hellotchi!whould you mind visiting my website?http://gotchichat.webs.com/index.htm

  12. If worst comes to worst, though it may be easier, quicker and more satisfying, add this Tama to your "spare parts" box or sell it on eBay as "junk" or something, and buy yourself another P1. They're so cheap.
  13. That, and you also have to feed Violetchi's partner.