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    Hi, I'm Huntr. <br>i invented RANDOMNESS<br>i will tellz ya somethingz about me.<br>i like Paramore, Tokio Hotel, umm.<br>i likez Ebay lotz <33 Kay? <br>I'm kindaa loopy. i hope<br>or else something is really wrong w/ me.<br>I needz them personal help.<br>~~~<br>*I gots some friends*<br>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br>The Script. <3<br>TAMAFAMILY08<br>Lady_Shay<br>ilovekuchipa555 <br>(add) PM me baby

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  1. Which do you guys perfer for a first HM game?
  2. No more heros-wii Max Payne-ps2 House of dead overkill-wii
  3. ^ Yupperz! Its like his face is mushy! 8P
  4. ^ Oh me 2, Exept Boone. How I want 2 move out soo badly.
  5. My B-day parta wa$ a BIG tea party @ The four seasons hotel and I have tea and crumpets. 8~)) I also like pug$!!
  6. I feel so shallow. It's like I'm only their friend so I can get there Pic!
  7. Yesh,yesh tea and crumpets. XD I have two Chihuahuas and a Yorkie. I just gave away a Jack Russell.
  8. Oh YESSH!!! Dotty just gave me her picture!!
  9. ^ Thats How I do. I did it like you do and they were still sick. 8*(
  10. What doggies do u have? Hehe I said Doggies in a british accent. XD
  11. Yesh! But you open, Talk to them, close, talk to them again. Thats what I doooo!
  12. ^ UR welcome! 8~) Ahh! Caroline is sick. Good thing i know "The trick"
  13. ^ Eww. I had Gaston afew months ago and I hated him. I feel your happiness.
  14. UGH! I said good bye to her and she said "Don't say that. I don't want to forget you ugly face." Thank the lord shes goin gone!
  15. HALLALUAH!!!!!!!! Tiffany in my town is moving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!