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  1. Which do you guys perfer for a first HM game?
  2. No more heros-wii Max Payne-ps2 House of dead overkill-wii
  3. ^ Yupperz! Its like his face is mushy! 8P
  4. ^ Oh me 2, Exept Boone. How I want 2 move out soo badly.
  5. My B-day parta wa$ a BIG tea party @ The four seasons hotel and I have tea and crumpets. 8~)) I also like pug$!!
  6. I feel so shallow. It's like I'm only their friend so I can get there Pic!
  7. Yesh,yesh tea and crumpets. XD I have two Chihuahuas and a Yorkie. I just gave away a Jack Russell.
  8. Oh YESSH!!! Dotty just gave me her picture!!
  9. ^ Thats How I do. I did it like you do and they were still sick. 8*(
  10. What doggies do u have? Hehe I said Doggies in a british accent. XD
  11. Yesh! But you open, Talk to them, close, talk to them again. Thats what I doooo!
  12. ^ UR welcome! 8~) Ahh! Caroline is sick. Good thing i know "The trick"
  13. ^ Eww. I had Gaston afew months ago and I hated him. I feel your happiness.
  14. UGH! I said good bye to her and she said "Don't say that. I don't want to forget you ugly face." Thank the lord shes goin gone!
  15. HALLALUAH!!!!!!!! Tiffany in my town is moving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Can someone list all the different houses you can buy?
  17. I also Like Nintendogs, great concept for the people who don't have a dog. I think the idea of Nintencats would be fabulous for those how do like cats more than dogs. Great idea!
  18. YEAH! Kiki moved in today! I love her! Sehs sooo cute, and shes NORMAL!!!!!!
  19. Out comessssss a dvd! Insterted choclate trufles!
  20. idk Take this pink ribbon off my eyes I'm exposed and theres no big suprise And it aint no big suprise Don't you think I know exactly were I stand This world is forcing me to hold your hand
  21. ^ Hehe, I <33 Stitches! I went to his Birthday party. Porita was there O_o That was the only scary part.
  22. It was Just dance and Idk! Some some some i some i murder Some i some i let go Some some some i some i murder Some i some i let go
  23. Um...Tell me! Half psychotic, sick, hypnotic Got my Blueprint, its symphonic Half psychotic, sick, hypnotic Got my Blueprint electric