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  1. memetchi_man


    Thank you! <33
  2. memetchi_man


    The V2 doesn't have an "others" option.
  3. memetchi_man


    Hellooo? Can anyone answer this?
  4. memetchi_man

    is it true ?

    I agree. Their drive to make new versions probably comes from the demand, though... So, techinically, they make so many new ones because of us. If we didn't want them, then they wouldn't make them. I'm very excited.
  5. memetchi_man


    Oh, okay. But HOW do they connect? What do I have to have them do to connect? So far, it won't let me.
  6. memetchi_man


    Awww, I'm sorry man. I feel for you. But hey, think about this... All your other Tams are going up to TamaHeaven to see him/her one day. Don't worry, things get better.
  7. memetchi_man


    That would be awesome. Especially if it talked back.
  8. memetchi_man


    Can a V2, and a V3 mate? Can they even connect with each other? Do they have to be adults? Help.
  9. memetchi_man

    Buying a tamagotchi makes you Happier?

    I absolutely LOVE buying new Tams. They do make me happy, indeed. When I get back from buying a new Tam, I can still take care of my other ones... But I favorite my new one. Especially if it's a newer version (I don't have a V4, or V5 yet). Anyway, yes. They make me very happy.
  10. memetchi_man


    Yeah, that's how it sounds.
  11. memetchi_man

    Strange Evolution

    I don't think so. I'm still a bit puzzled by the weird evolution...
  12. I've been trying to get my V2, and V3 to meet up with each other... But I can't figure out how. I remember I used to be able to do it, but I can't remember what I did. Help, please? Do they have to be adults?
  13. memetchi_man

    Tama Owners With Real Pets

    Tams aren't that hard to deal with. Neither are hermit crabs. Stick with both. ;p
  14. memetchi_man

    Is there any way?

    Yes. Treat your Tam like it's a living being. When you go to sleep, put it on your bedside table, or whatever, and in some cases (Depending on what stage it's at), you'll awake to find your Tam has been up for a few hours! Evolution is random, having to do with what time you set it for in the beginning, and when it hatches. There's really not any way to speed up the growth... But never pausing it helps greatly.
  15. memetchi_man

    Strange Evolution

    Hm. That is quite odd. I'm really not sure what to say. Did you check all of theother stats? Are you sure that it's actually a Ura Kutchipatchi?