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  1. Now my kuribotchi evolved into a Nonopotchi.
  2. Okay this is how my generation went. Girl baby-Hidotetchi(star guy)-Chamametchi-Masktchi. Then she had a baby boy and this is how it went baby boy-Kuribotchi. He is still a kuribotchi at the moment.
  3. To send your tama to school, the pre-school teacher has to come to oyur door and give you something. Then, click on the door at hit "Away". Your tama will go to preschool where you try to beat another tama at jump ropeing. You can also buy instruments and toys at the shop.
  4. I thought of something else!!!!! Would if you could unlock different versions by playing it enough!(ex. if you played for 24 hours you would unlockall the oceangotchi characters!)
  5. What if they made a Wii game that was like a tamagotchi! Here are some features: 1. There would be a ton of cool new characters, including the old ones! Also including all the UraTamas and Entamas! 2.All new minigames that you played with the Wii remote, including the classic ones that you could play by flipping the wii remote sideways! 3.No more pixels, 3-D images! 4.You could pet,feed, and even clean poo's with the wii remote! 5. Your Tama had a house that you could buy furniture for and make bigger, such as add more rooms by make bigger.! 6.There was a town That you and your Tama could explore!(ex. you walk your tama around town, buying stuff like food for your tana and furniture for your house!) 7. Your adult tama can find a partner in town to marry! 8. If you had enough rooms in your house your and your spouse could lay more than one egg, then once they all hatched you got to pick which tama you wanted to be! 9. There would be all the old special characters, plus new mixes!(ex. Mamepatchi, a mametchi that was green and had big lips!) 10.It had Wi-Fi, so you could hook up with peoples tamas all over the world! 11. When you hooked up over Wi-Fi your tamas could play, have birthday partys and other types of parties,sleepovers, and lots more! 12.You could load your tamas onto your wii remote, take the wii remote to your friends house, and load them up on your friends game so your tamas could play together! 13. Their would be more than one file and you could play 2 files at once via split-screen, so there would be no fighting on who would get to play!(also with connection features during split screen.) If i think of anything else ill edit!
  6. Ya im sure it was a Ura Kuchipatchi. My mind still a little boggled. Does it matter if he weighed in 40 pounds?
  7. OK Im new to the V4.5 but I awoke today to the evolution sound and i had a daiyatchi but all of the sudden i had a Ura KuchiPatchi! I looked at a growth chart and noticed that Ura Kuchipatchi isn't isn't part of the Ura Meme family. It was the first generation. Please Help!!!!! I had 89 funny points, 76 glamor points, and 90 spiritual points.
  8. Here is a group hatch where you are allowed to hatch any connection tama. As long as you join on June 19 or June 20 you can participate. The earliest you can hatch is June 19 3:30 P.M., and the latest is June 20th at 3:00 P.M. Pictures would be nice if possible, but not required. When you join just post the connection you are hatching, and what design the tama you are hatching is.(not required to post design if you post a pic.) Keep us updated on your Tama, and have fun! We will be continuing until your parent leaves the baby. If your Tama dies your not allowed to restart and re-enter the hatch. P.S. Please try not to pause it. Only if you really have to(ex. Have to go to family reunion on the lake and are REALLY worried about bringing your tama) Have fun!