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  1. No treats, basic stuff. There are sandwiches, but all of them have a ton of salad in that I usually pick out. The rest tastes good though. :]
  2. Sony Ericsson. <33 Mom won't get me an iPod so I use my cellphone instead. xD
  3. No way! I used to watch that show all the time when I had Cartoon Network omg. ;m; That totally sucks ahh.
  4. I reallllyyyy like your username and signature. ;A;
  5. Because a pencil told you to. Why does my foot hurt? e.e (True.)
  6. 1. Don't Trust Me - 3oh!3 2. Shake It - Rediscover 3. Comatose - Skillet 4. Umbrella - All Time Low 5. Play - Krooked K 6. Until The Day I Die - Story Of The Year 7. Seventeen Forever - Metro Station 8. Richman - 3oh!3 9. Echoplex - Nine Inch Nails 10. The Flood - Escape The Fate <33
  7. Umbrella - All Time Low. It's such a good cover. *o*
  8. ''No-one else will know if we decide to go.''
  9. I joined TamaTalk with my first account ever on June 12th, 2006.
  10. Fred is pretty funny. I've seen some of his videos, but the voice got on my nerves. =/
  11. I love it~ *Points to username* Deathnote. (:
  12. Sasori from Naruto. *o* <3 Especially when he was a kid awws.
  13. If my diagnosis turned out positive, I'd still be only dreaming of you~ ♪
  14. out comes a postcard from spain o.o; in skinny jeans
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    1. I wish I was american. ~ 2. I wish for purple streaksssss. 3. I wish I could meet you gais irl. >_>