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  1. 10/25/04_6:00PM (First Update) new babies, i had them paused before i went to school. They were with their parents, Lily and Monky. Unpaused at a late 5:58PM just now and I had the chance to name after seeing them with their folks for the past 48 hrs. Names came from Teen Titans inspiration because that show rocks. They've pooped twice, I know when one poops because it's a couple seconds ahead of the other. They also have been sick just one but it was a double, meaning i had to give them shots twice. Oh, one just pooped again, waiting for the other one any second. One is 20lbs one is 5lbs, Raven being lighter. They are also 2gen, so a young mimitchi is coming from Raven and the other, hopefully a Hinotamatchi. By the time this is done it'll be about ten minutes later. The first updates are always the longest because everything is happening while you're typing.
  2. soon, im sure, just keep him off of pause if that's what you've been doing, but how do you get hinotamatchi? im afriad i will get a onionitchi instead
  3. maybe light blue background, something soft and light. there's a way to get some music on some pages, but thats optional of course. gold or silver and bubbly but not too large fonts, maybe an animated gif or two about a tama with wings and/or halo, maybe a headstone. just trowin some things out there.
  4. how do i get hinotamchi? the chart says that getting them is done the same way. i dont want an onionichi!
  5. way useful, exactly what i was looking for, thanks a bunch jappyx
  6. i connect frequently. like alot. and i haven't had the X problem ...... yet. like my tama has gotten the maracas at least 5 times today....
  7. so basically they have to be six years old? or five? mine arent working either but its only cause i forgot when they'll have had 48 hrs pass.
  8. i'll join, but it's hard to get people to do these things, i'm actually hoping sometime tomorrow or the day after because my tamagotchis will be able to mate tomorrow.
  9. get ready for this one guys, i go to an all boy catholic high school and i have two tamagotchis and i manage to take care of both without pause during the school day and we dont have a break period, just lunch.
  10. I always get ichigotchi and i always get tarakotchi. No matter what i do different, i always get the same tamagotchis. it's obvious that i'm not doing the RIGHT different thing soooo... I was wondering if anyone could describe in detail how to get some different teens or adults, since i can't find a giant chart that tells how to get what i want. i want to try to get alot of different tamagotchis. NOTE: This is also for anyone else who wants to see how to get all kinds of different things. Share your recipe for your favorite tamagotchi!!!!
  11. congrats, but i'm confused as to what the position infers. what do you do now and if i wanted to become a member, how is this possible?
  12. By the way Roman died somehow but he did finammy become a Tarakotchi before passing. I like the way he moves his hips and he kisses the screen, freaked me out when it happened. also, he takes on his old habit from being Ichigotchi, which was running and falling on his face...