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  1. I'm looking to buy a colored Tamagotchi soon, a P I think, so I'm searching Amazon and ebay. They're going for 100 US dollars these days -- I used to pay 20 bucks for a connection tama back in the day! If you get it used, it's half the price! - but I'm seeing they are VERY used. Is it just what I'm seeing or does the screen scratch super easily on the Ps/colored tamas, and dirt can get between the top layer of clear plastic and the colored plastic? Are these owners being really causal with their tamas or is it hard to keep them in good condition? I've only ever had connections and they don't get that beat up. If they get beat up easily, maybe I'd rather save 50 bucks and buy one used. If it's gonna get messed up anyway. And then I can take it with me places and actually care for it rather than be afraid of touching it for fear it gets scratched. Another element for me is getting one already English patched cuz I can't be bothered to buy an infra red phone AND its charger, and all the time patching myself. I'm not a techie. At the same time, if I'm paying money for a new tamagotchi, I want the excitement of it being pristine, and only mine. So for you all - do you buy used or brand new?
  2. Hi! I saw some posts about this but they were a couple years old so I wanted to get some more updated info. I am going on a study abroad program to Cuba in a couple of weeks. Although I'm sure there will be plenty to entertain me there, I want to bring a tamagotchi as a comfort thing to remind me of home. It makes the most sense to put it in my carry-on, but I don't want to have to take it out fully in public because I dont want to reveal to the very mature group I'll be wit that I'm 20 years old with a tamagotchi. I mean, I think you can be mature and have a tama, but I feel they will be the judgy type, if you get me. The ideal situation would be they see it in my purse in the X-ray, but don't question it, don't make me take it out. Or should I just put it in checked luggage then? I'm afraid that especially with Cuban security being so suspicious of Americans they will find it and get rid of it without me being able to explain how harmless it is. (whereas with carry-on bags I am there the whole time to make sure everything is okay). Anyone have experience with international travel and tamagotchis? Especially to places where the trend has died out and people won't recognize them right away. If relevant, I only have connection versions. Thanks!!!
  3. Aaaand 2 weeks later, I'm already sick of the v6. It's so pretty but gets old quick! :(

  4. I started up my music star for christmas, because I got it for christmas years ago, and associate it with the season
  5. I recently started up my v6 again, which i haven't played with since i first got it 7 years ago. I played with it up to 8 generations at that time, so I must have liked it. Here's my personal vibe: Pros: - new characters, bringing back favs - wide screen - new games - fun concepts like having their own instrument and toy, the door - I like having to shop for food rather than having constant food cuz it makes becoming a successful musician and earning points get a little more important - there's something at stake - ability to marry bandmates: feels like Tamagotchi has built relationships other than through the matchmaker, even if you don't have a second v6 to connect them with Cons: - I also have unresponsive buttons - compared to v2-4.5, there are less games (3) and less job-games (1): there was a diff game for each job in the v4 with like 12 jobs (i think?), here, every adult practices with the same game. Gets boring. - kind of related to the above: once the idea of being "a music star" wears off, it's meh - Less characters. After a few generations you know what you're gonna get. - requires lots of care - teen to adult evolution much faster, some like to have more time with the teen character I think the biggest issues people have are probably with care needs and games. Then why have I activated it? The wide screen display is SO nice after the tiny screens of older connections. I also like the concepts of playing with toys and working to buy food. Also because it's the newest one I own and more people are talking about it online than my v4.
  6. I have a child on a v6, he was born about 18 hours ago. He only has one toy, his rabbit that his mom had. I missed the doorbell for when he was invited to preschool, but i went to away and he's able to go to preschool so he's advanced to that point. However, arent you supposed to get a new toy when you join preschool? I go in the menu and all i have is the rabbit from the first generation. It wouldnt really be an issue except my little boy hates the rabbit so much that it stresses him out to play with it. Between that and practicing and school, he is super stressed. I can only play games so much, and they onky lower stress so much. What can I do??
  7. anyone else running a v6 right now?

  8. I feel super engaged with my tamas from babyhood until adulthood. But after a about a day or two of being an adult, I am less interested, I start counting down until the matchmaker will come and I can start over. It's weird because thew hole reason I like the childhood stages are out of excitement to see what adult I can achieve, but then that joy is short lived. With the v4 I'm currently running the excitement of getting a job helps keep me interested a bit longer, but I still have 2-3 days of just bleh. Anyone else feel like this? What do you do to enjoy your adult characters while you wait for the next generation?
  9. my tamagotchi died again last night :(

  10. Is a mix worth the $$? Especially if I'm an English speaker and it only comes in japanese?

    1. Saltonara


      Honestly, you don't need to know much Japanese to use it (if any at all). There are English guides on the internet, too. Whether it's worth the money or not depends on how much you love the franchise and concept of the m!x. Personally, I think the m!x was worth the money I paid for it.

    2. Jhud


      And how much text there is on english tamagotchis? You really really don't need to know Japanese to play with Japanese versions.

  11. I've never gotten a universal character on a v4, but today I did! The first few hours of Isa's toddler hood were rough, but the rest of it was very well cared for - lots of games, low weight, lots of trips to preschool - so I wasn't expecting it. She's a Hawaikotchi. But I love it! I think she's sooooo cute! Wouldn't trade her!

  12. It did come a few hours later. Thanks for calming my concern!
  13. Hi! I have a v6 who is 1 year old and has been a teenager all day. She hasn't recieved an invitation to go to school, and/or I have missed it (it's been a busy day). When I click Away, she can't go to school. I've waited the past few hours for an invitation, but nothing has changed. Are there times that are known for getting this invitation? Is she somehow too young? Have I missed the boat and she will never get to go to school and have a band? Please assist. Thanks.
  14. I married two characters that became Mamametchi and Papa-mamaetchi -- but I still had a blended family. I thought you got a "smart" family for that, and a "Mame" family if it was a Mametchi + Chanotchi??

    1. Lovetchi2862


      Sometimes you get a Smart Family, but not always. Also, if you have a Mametchi with 100% bonding who marries a Chantotchi, then you will get the Mame Family.

    2. Blooperz00


      ahhhh :( I've had 3 blended families now (5 if you count the 2 generation on the other v5) I hate waiting a whole generation to get something new


  15. v5 was supposed to be the easier one to care for but I keep getting Ninja family :(

    1. Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Eternal Mametchi Fan

      That's from neglecting them, but I'm pretty sure there's a special item you can use to turn them back to their normal state...