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  1. I love your art of the evolution of your tama, and the necklace you've put it on! It complements the shell so well Loving your log so far!
  2. Finally got a Kuchi! I've found that "Average" care on the mini means only keeping him half/a quarter fed, not starving it for only half the time. Ha. I still feel bad taking such awful care of a tama, but he sure is cute! Earlier I was relaxing and decided to connect Jisoo and Leia a few more times. I've been doing it once or twice at random the past few days, but Leia still only had Jisoo at two smiles. It was today when he finally gifted her a heart that I knew they would finally move forward. And suddenly they both started shaking on screen, I could barely grab my phone fast enough: It's girls! After having her daughters Leia immediately jumped into a nice, relaxing bath. Relatable content. I was actually shocked that they had babies so soon, I hadn't thought their friendship meters were high enough. I went to look and I was actually a little right- they each had each other still listed as best friends, not lovers! It was the same for Leia when I checked. I was really surprised, but justified it as maybe between Connection versions you can't list lovers as a weird quirk or something. After the birth though (and after I took a nap) I've just connected them again, and found that to not be the case. Now they're listed as lovers, only after the birth of their children. As I remember it, tamas could be listed as lovers for quite a few visits before ever having kids. Maybe these two were just eager because I've had them paused for so long Either way, it's time for me to start thinking of names...!
  3. No real updates here. I reset my Mini this morning after Nyorotchi became Oyajitchi, but I'm expecting another Nyoro tomorrow because I forgot to check on him at work during the first half of my day. Doh. I'll just try, try again if that's the case! I want to open my Entama, but I'm making a pact with myself to get to Leia and Jisoo's babies before I start up yet another tama. If I can find time this weekend that's what's up. Mostly I'm posting this because I ran into my friend at the grocery store, and we started talking about how each of us have a method to shopping. I noted that my trips (more than) occasionally require a stop in the aisle with batteries. Friend: WOW, you have a spot in your routine for batteries? What are you using that's causing you to go through batteries that quickly?? Me: Haha... ha.... I don't even know! Her: I'm just impressed! Maybe I should invest in rechargables at some point- it is a lot of batteries Recently I've just been getting backup batteries for my connections, though!
  4. I'm loving your log so far! I also used to do the alphabetical naming system on my old tamas- I ended up making all 32 gens once and haven't done it since, now the pressure to reach the end is high since I did it once lol. I really like the V4 shell you just got and I also love the sunflowers V4, you've got great taste! Looking forward to your updates!
  5. Well hello there I know I'm always stating how busy I am in this log, but life this past month truly has been too hectic to run a tama. I started to fear I was losing my affinity for them again, but a few quick scrolls through the tama instagram accounts I follow had me excited to run mine. I restarted my mini last week after seeing a pic of someone else's Kuchipatchi, because he's so cute and I haven't had him yet. I can't hit that sweet spot for average care though, and got another Nyorotchi. He is also super cute, of course. After he hits oldie, I might just reset from there and try again. Since I have a lot of time this morning and couldn't quite convince myself to get out of bed yet, I spent some quality time with Jisoo and Leia. I was thinking a few days ago how Jisoo was born over the Thanksgiving holiday, and how although he may be officially 6 he's nearing his (multi) hundreds in actuality. It's only fair for me to send him back to Tama Planet at some point, same for Leia. Especially when you've had a tama for so long, it gets harder to let them go.. but I am excited to see what their babies end up being. They play a lot of games together, and Leia is almost always winner. I guess she lets Jisoo win on the rare occasion. In return for always destroying him in competition, Jisoo really loves to give Leia either snakes or nothing as gifts. Leia is normally gifting Jisoo ice cream or cake, but even after all her snakes and blank presents earlier she gave Jisoo a plant in return, which I loved. I forgot that sometimes tamas can get actual items for use as presents. Jisoo likes Leia as a good friend, and Leia likes Jisoo as little more than an acquaintance. I can't even feel bad for him considering his gift-giving track record. He knows what he's done.
  6. I've been so busy that finding time for my tamas has been tough, but we have had some bad weather recently that's been allowing me to work from home. The first day was two weeks ago- I knew the snow was meant to be bad, my boss even told me not to come in- but my internet at home wasn't working, so I had to. I ended up needing to leave the office after a few hours anyway, and the roads were VERY bad. Luckily I live close to work, but I couldn't quite get my car home. I had to park in a neighbor's driveway and walk. I had my 4U's batteries in and everything that morning, only to have to go into the office anyway. My internet was working by the time I got back, too Since I got out early though, I still got some time with Machi! I had Leia out that day as well. This was me collecting Machi from the Tama Sitter after I got back home, she is so cute. She also got a visit from this dude, who my brain randomly decided was called Pietro, and made off with some good Gotchi points for his visit. Leia was also doing very cute animations throughout the day. When I was working it was such a nice pick-me-up to glance over and see her singing and dancing, or coming up to the screen for a hello! (sorry about the dust, I didn't notice it until after I cropped the photos) That brings us to today- another snow day. I actually worked from home yesterday too. It's harder to get things done at home than when I'm in the office, so when I was told yesterday morning to stay home I was not into it, but today I was mentally prepared and happier about it. Machi is up, and I bought her a new faceplate in my small hiatus! It's white with sparkles that reflect all different colors. A similar custom faceplate was really what inspired me to get a 4U over other kinds of color tamas, so I'm excited to finally have one. So far today I only have Machi running, but after seeing Leia's cute animations from my last snow day again I'm tempted to start her up as well. I finally bought backup CR2032 batteries for my Connections, so I'm not worried about losing Jisoo or Leia at an inconvenient time or connecting them too much.
  7. Leia is a Pyonkotchi! I couldn't be more thrilled with her, to be honest. She is so cute, she's maintained her fashionable two ear/bun hairstyle from babyhood that keeps her in line with her namesake, and she's also a character on the V4 so she won't appear a Nazotchi when visiting (picture is kind of dark, sorry). On Saturday I spent some time letting Jisoo and Leia hang out together. I spent a long time trying to connect them and it kept failing. I really was getting nervous that there was an issue with one of them... but I know that Jisoo's battery is like 8 years old (way dangerous to be running in a tama probably... but I guess I like to live on the edge) so I took it out and put it back in. That alone fixed whatever problem was occurring, and the two were able to connect! Leia won every game. A happy present giving- it was an ice cream. I know Leia is meant to be excited here, but she looks a little exasperated from the side view. Yesterday was my birthday, and at first I woke up to Leia on my V3 making the celebratory noise that plays when you win a game. I'm assuming that it was something that happened in celebration of my birthday, but I wouldn't know as it only woke me up enough to turn her sound off and go back to sleep, haha. In my free time in the morning I decided to fire up Machi and see what the 4U has in store for birthdays. I'm so glad that I did. First of all, there are decorations, and in English! I was surprised but happy! Then Machi was hungry, so I took her to the cafe, where I got the biggest surprise of them all... My heart, all of them at once. What a wonderful birthday celebration, thanks Bandai. I decided that I would watch Machi all day, which of course meant that I needed to take care of her at work for a few hours. I didn't take off for my birthday because it was a random Monday and I'm trying to save my paid days for traveling. I realized when I went to go check on her that I'd left the sound on- easy fix, I thought, I can't hit the buttons to turn the sound off in case it disturbs my coworkers, so I'll just take the batteries out now. I forgot that removing the batteries is a bit of a process, and takes a couple of tries... and that a loud and happy reset song plays every time you hit the button for removal. I managed to play the song at least three times before finally wrestling the batteries out... but I don't think anyone noticed enough to turn around, or care. But anyway, that was my attempt at running Machi yesterday- it was great up until the botched battery removal.
  8. I'm a very anxious person in general. Tamas help me to relax. Running them is soothing and looking at pics of other people's collections and shells is, too. I really love being able to scroll my social media feeds, see everyone being happy about their tamagotchi and post aesthetically pleasing pictures of them. It's all very lighthearted and easy to absorb.
  9. Hi Hoky, thanks for your comment! I've been lurking in your log for a while and really enjoying it Thank you for the compliment on my shells! I got lucky in that I still enjoy all the designs I got as a kid. One of my friends who was also into tamas as a kid ended up with shells that are all highly sought after now- the glow in the dark V4 and the cookie V5 were a few. I wonder what she ever did with those If you do end up getting a Deka Tama, I'm very interested to see how they work. I see people post pictures of theirs constantly and am perplexed at the sight of them every time. This is just a small update on my 4U, because I can't stay away from her! I've been removing the batteries on and off the past day or so, so I don't have the yarn case on it and I actually forgot how in love I am with this white shell. It is so lovely, and I am so basic. I brought Machi back after seeing posts of people's tamas celebrating Hinamatsuri with decorations. I have absolutely raved about every special holiday event on this tama, so I couldn't imagine missing one, especially letting Machi miss Girl's Day. In other Machi news, I found out last night that the salad is another one of her favorite foods. I don't think I've had a tama yet with two favorite meals (it's possible my memory is failing me), but I wonder if this means I could've finished her Tamatomo with salad instead of gratin if I'd had her eat it first? That second picture would've been a good one if she hadn't moved. Instead she looks possessed. At least Kai is looking well.
  10. I love your detailed entries, and some of your commentary on the goings-on with your tamas is hilarious We share the same love for Batabatchi, and your posts about your Morino have brought my wanting one back to the forefront... although the Fading Heartbeat feature as you described sounds like it would stress me out, haha. And coming back to tamas as an adult is indeed great- I used to read the logs of all the cool tamas other people could buy when I was a child, and now I can waste all the money I please on them myself. Looking forward to your next entry!
  11. It's funny, as much as I'm happy to be back into tamagotchi I'm horrified to let it slip to someone I know that I'm using them again. One of my friends did see me checking on my 4U at one point and was amazing about it, she was like "Well I bought the $35 add-on for Pokemon Go so I'm not judging," and she thought it was really cool that it was in Japanese. I had my phone in rice at one point for fear of water damage and carried my V4 around as a clock, which everyone thought was great and laughed about with me. I'm sure people would have similar warm reactions if they knew I was actually actively playing again, but the closest I've been to playing in public otherwise is a frantic check in my bag to make sure they're not on their deathbed.
  12. I had Leia unpaused for the majority of the weekend, with the exception of a few hours on Sunday when I saw Black Panther. I had her going while I was busy for around three hours on Saturday, and was surprised that she had 0 hunger hearts left after that amount of time already, so I didn't want to risk it again in the movie. She's now three years old, so once I have enough time (honestly maybe not until this weekend again), she can evolve! I hope that my miscalculation on Saturday won't cost her a good adult form. I love Heading less than I remember (still fun), but the Get Music Notes game is a new favorite for sure. Jisoo and Leia have met! I set them up to hang out and at first, the tamas wouldn't connect. I started to get upset/scared that one of them didn't have the connecting capability anymore, until I moved them a little farther apart. I had been touching the infrared ports directly to each other and I'm guessing they just don't work that close together. Something I likely knew way back when... just forgot I was a little sad to find that Togetchi was a character introduced with V4- I thought that Leia would recognize him as more than the , but I guess not. Hopefully she becomes a character that he can see! I also love how happy Jisoo looks and how nonchalant Leia is- like a true teenager. Leia taking a bath, or rather flying above it (I struggled to get the lighting good enough as you can maybe tell). All of her animations are so cute. I've never had this tama before and I love her Occasionally, Batabatchi flies a little offscreen. I couldn't capture it, but my fave is when her mouth/beak disappears over the side. And finally, my BEAUTIFUL new Entama/Japanese V4 is here! Cafe de TMCG! I took better pictures but decided to go with this one since my nails accidentally matched I think I've likely mentioned coffee multiple times throughout my log, I really love (am addicted to lol) it. Like I said, the moment I saw that this design existed I knew I needed it in my life. I can't wait to unbox it. I'm not going to just yet, but I'm too excited to be able to carry it with me to leave it in the packaging for good. Plus I've never run a Japanese Connection before! It'll be a cool experience, and I can't wait for all the pictures of this tama with all of my coffee. I have no mini updates, because my mini battery is currently giving life to my V3. I was going to buy new tama batteries when I was out grocery shopping this weekend, and I did for my 4U, but of course they had sold out of connection-sized watch batteries. I'll have to try again next weekend. This coming weekend will be tough to run any tamas, at least on Saturday. My birthday is next week and while I don't like to celebrate really, my friends insisted that we go out leading up to it, so I'll be pretty busy that day. I don't like throwing events for myself but other people planning it makes it bearable
  13. I'm glad that I didn't end up unpausing Jisoo at a matchmaker time, because now I've got a better match for him. Her name is Leia. When I started up my V3, I was really hoping for a girl so that I could have the opportunity- and it is! And so far I really love the V3. I named her Leia, because I love Star Wars and also because the baby girl sprite in this game has a dark head with ears that reminded me of her buns, and I took the best care possible until her childhood. I really like the Get Music Notes game. The games on the 4U are fun, but they're nothing close to the level of addicting that the Connection-version games. I remember playing Heading for hours on my V2 and always being excited when my tama became a teen so I could play that game again I bought Leia a few items, including ball and chest. I completely forgot what the chest did, but when she used it I remember being young and being very upset when my young tamas turned old with this item. I weirdly still had the same reaction, even though I knew she'd turn back. I guess it's just upsetting to see something skip its entire life, even for a moment, lol. After babyhood, Leia grew into a sweet Mizutamatchi, who was by far my favorite child as a child. I've always been a fan of the design. And just this morning, Leia became a teenager: Here are two pictures, because I'm obsessed with her I had to look it up, and her name is Batabatchi. Batabata is the Japanese sound for a flapping or clattering noise, which makes her even cuter ;_; Heading is also a game option for teens on the V3! You can imagine my excitement on this realization. Now that I have a plan, I think I'm starting my 4U back up after I've mated Leia and Jisoo. And at that point, I'm really considering also sending my V3 off to get the crackle design fixed because it honestly pains me to look at the chipping (my tamas from childhood are somehow in better condition) and I don't trust myself to take a tama apart and fix it up myself. I did try to paint around it with my paint pen, which could've worked if it dried down lighter, but I removed it. I guess a good rule of thumb for myself is to no longer purchase used tamas unless the seller specifies good condition, considering how much it's bothering me. I also... have another Tamagotchi now on the way in the mail I saw someone post a picture of it in a Facebook group, thought to myself "wow, what a cute shell", then like an hour later saw the same design for sale in a shop. I debated and debated but I knew I had to have it. I also just got my bonus so maybe it was a bit easier to justify It'll be my first Japanese connection! I'll talk more about it when it gets here, because I'm very excited.
  14. I didn't end up restarting Machi this weekend. After getting home in the afternoon on Sunday I realized that this coming weekend I'm going to be even busier than last. Even if I were to run her and pull her out to feed her, I can't hang out with my friends then ignore them to play games for her care meter to stay up. Plus it's just a total waste of batteries to have her with the babysitter every day of the week. Adulting with tamas is hard! My weekends are spent doing everything I don't have time for in the week, which is most things. I do have some news though, I bought a V3! It's a green flower shell design. I really like it because it feels like a kind of sister design to my other V3, which is a light sea foam color with lillies. This one is brighter green with magenta blooms. On an unfortunate note, the seller didn't really disclose the extent of the damage to the tama and I ended up paying probably about double what I should've. It has chipping all around the screen and a giant scratch/dent through the logo, both of which were not detectable in the pictures. They even overcharged for shipping I guess it's my fault for not prying further, but disappointing nonetheless. It makes me want to customize the tama and repaint it myself, but I bought it because I like the shell! RIP. I have a paint pen that's a similar purple to the crackle design so I may try to at least touch that up, it was definitely the biggest disappointment on opening. I think the price is a tougher pill to swallow because my beautiful NIP V3 cost me $16 including shipping (granted, that was in like 2010). The good news is, it is the opposite situation of if I opened my own V3- I won't be afraid at all of carrying this around in a bag or dropping it. I've ordered jeweler's screwdrivers so that I'll be able to replace batteries without jerry-rigging a giant screwdriver into the tiny screws, so hopefully I'll be able to run my first V3 soon- maybe even a mate for Jisoo, as he hasn't been married off yet. If I get a small enough one, I'm also going to (nervously) attempt to clean the button contacts on my sweet unresponsive V2. I think I'd like to have at least one of each connection in my collection- I might look into a V3 in better condition, after I get over how much I paid for this one heh, and if I can't salvage my V2 get another of those so I can actually play. I've never had interest in the Music Star, so I may skip that version My 4U will be back soon- I miss it when I'm not running it! The connections, which are so much simpler to pause and need battery changes every 3 months vs every 3 weeks, are definitely easier for a busier lifestyle. Oh to return to the days where I played with my tamas at my desk in school all day
  15. I managed to finish Machi's Tamatomo clover when she turned 5, which is the fastest I've completed one yet! For the rest of them it happened at 6-7. Usually in finding their favorite foods I go down the list one by one- finding the meal on first try was a fluke, and her favorite dessert is the short cake, first on the list. Something I've found with Lovelitchi is that she's a very picky eater. She hates all the cheaper foods, specifically the ones costing 100-200 GP. I love me a girl who knows her standards! Haha. Truthfully, I cheated in finding Machi's favorite item by looking it up. I tried every item in the inventory on her and none of them clicked, so I suspected it might be a microphone or some musical item you need to buy at the park early in the morning. I reset the clock a few times and got the traveling clothes salesman both times, so before going further into clock resets I googled the item. It's the idol outfit you can buy at the Tama Depa. It suits her well! Her mother the Guru Meme Queen would be proud of her taste. I thought this was a cute pic. I know Lovelitchi is meant to be musically inclined, and I didn't have this item when I had Melodytchi. A mini update on my Mini! I really didn't like Bill, so I didn't take care of him and he actually died about two days later. I felt bad killing him, but in my defense I didn't think he could die. I guess knowingly making him suffer is probably worse though. I didn't want Mametchi again so soon, so I took purposefully worse care of this baby and got Nyorotchi. I think he's so cute, especially for being bad care! And here I go loving the sleeping animation again, but how cute is he asnooze. Yesterday morning when Machi was asking me my mood for the day, her batteries died. It ended up working out because I was out of the house all day and wouldn't have had the time to care for her at all. I was planning to go to the gym somewhat early today, get back and put fresh batteries in my 4U so I could play with her through the whole day, but one of my family members had my car and didn't get back until just now (I finally started writing this post when they were a full hour later than they should've been, lol). I'll put some new batteries in her when I get back, and then I'll need to buy a new pack as they're my last two!