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  1. Maybe the Nekotcha, try looking on google image the birthday thing reminds me alot of the nano kitty. Because i have a nano puppy and everyday, there is a little birthday cake on the screen and this little song ^^ Where are you from ? Because, depending on if you are american, or european , the shells can be different
  2. Beautiful french song

  3. Hey there ! I'm sorry but I can't join the christmas hatch I won't have the time, because boyfriend and I go to some friends place to party ^^ have fun !
  4. Right now i'm re-reading a graphic novel called Sanctuary, and i'm trying no to snivel because I already know the end of it.... BOOOHOOo !!
  5. Started my 4.5 ! Hatched a baby boy named Zool !

    1. Ilovetamasxx


      That's a cute name,I named my v3 that when i had it running a while ago!

  6. hey there welcome ! Well , i wanna start a debate about this. By this I mean news : internet news, tv news, newspapers... I personnaly think there is a huge conspiracy aroun the medias. I think the government and the politicians are trying to make us believe what they want. You say you read about alternative news, non mainstream media. Do you think that those kinds of news are totally free from the politicians control ? Do you think they are totally objective ? I clicked on your links, those are very interesting websites, i read some articles, it was fascinating really(especially the "unexplained " section from the "Before it's News" site. The thruth is out there... ). That's not the kind of news we are used to read/see. But i dunno... I have the feeling that it is still controlled, not objective, dramatized. To be honest i am mad about the medias. I am paranoid, i see conspiracy everywhere and when i see the news, on tv or on the internet, i really see it ! The conspiracy, Big Brother, the government trying to change us into good obedient sheeps... it's obvious ! You'll probably think i'm crazy x) But yeah. That's what I think. To sum it up, I think that mainstream or not, medias are not trustworthy.
  7. I join ! Don't know what tama yet (maybe i'll be getting one on christmas and run it right away ! xD) If not, probably v4.5 ^^
  8. sounds interesting ! iOs is iphones and ipads right ?
  9. I love to dance. I dance like all the time. But I really suck at it. I look like a dislocated monkey.
  10. great challenge ! 20 is so much ! I wish you good luck ! I would have started with 10 for 10 days, then if i succeeded , i would have done 20 for 20 days xD I can't even run 2 at the same time so... have fun ! can't wait to read more about your challenge !