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  1. I cried on thursday because I was really over whelmed with all these bad things happening and I was crying in a bathroom stall (original right?) Well i'm really sensitive, and my eyes are always wetter then most people, so i can cry on demand very easily. one time i was at a friends house and my eyes were tearing up for absolutely no reason, lol so she teased me about crying about some stupid guy
  2. there are times at school that i literally just don't do my homework on random spotted days at all. or sometimes weeks if i'm really in a bad mood. To keep up my grade I'll do like a little homework in my latin or math class or a little in the car ride to school. Plus I never did my math homework because it was boring, so i got an F for that, and then when i started working on homework and working harder on quizzes i got my grade up to like a B- in only two months. which made me feel bad about disapointing my parents when it was obviously easy for me.
  3. they leave me alone alot or alone except for my annoying brat little brother. It kinda sucks half the time for me though, because anything can scare me, I mean usually i'm pretty ok, but one snap of some fingers and I could be screaming because i thought i saw something... But they don't just abondon me, they have work (both of them) pretty much everyday
  4. A boom box and a laptop!! i might not be able to get the boom box but i will definitely be able to get the laptop on x-mas!! I'm so excited, but i have to wait like 5 months
  5. ever since my little brother was about 6, he has thought on and off that he should wear deodarent daily. that is definitely not the age to start. how do i explain to him, that everyone sweats and gets bit stinky once and a while, but deodarent is for teens??? i don't want to catch him using mine that would just be disturbing...
  6. I deep clean my room, once in a while (unless my parents force me to do it more often) but lately i just get sick of having it super dirty, so i just do basic stuff, like pick up some trash, and pick up all the laundry (which makes my room, almost completely clean) Yea... Like 2 days ago, i packed up all of my stuff besides my clothes, cleaned my room, did all my laundry ( which i was super behind on....) , and moved my desk around, then i fit like 5 small boxes of all my junk all onto my awesome desk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. my one and only obsession right now, is DECORATING MY ROOM, AND MAKING IT AWESOME!!!! I'm going to spend all my money for my b-day this year, on cool furniture (like bean bags and blankets) and other things like posters for my room. my list so far: trippy rug (checkered purples and pinks) chair that opens to store stuff in a couple really cute pillows (the kind you put on couches...) A boom box cd's organizing shelfs (still cute, like the plastic blue ones...) and posters of HP and Twilight
  8. yep I had a party the last day of school with like three of my friends, and we were all like partying, waiting for it to be midnight so our last day of school would be over, but then when it was midnight we were almost crying and we were all sad about that year being over I'm also excited to meet new people too!!! I'm like all of the choices I put
  9. i am a mixture of - excited because i will get to see my friends every day - nervous because i had alot of fights that were ignored when school ended, but they will be brought up again now That i will see the people every day -and really disappointed that I will have to start doing homework every day now what about you guys???
  10. sounds like bipolar disorder, or your just being manic, depressed people sleep alot, manic people barely sleep. When your bipolar you also have major mood swings, see your docter because this could get worse very fast, many bipolar people get into drugs and shop lifting (not giving you a bad name )
  11. nah. Someone wrote a poem about me once though. oh wait my sis wrote a song about me. i'm reaaly clumsy. one time my little bro tripped me and i broke my nose. she made this song : there once was a girl named rose, who liked to dance on her toes, she tripped on the cat and fell on the mat and that's how she broke her nose hahahahaha
  12. I don't know much about when I was little. I always loved my older sister the most. and apparently from watching home videos, i loved to dance (dancing in my case , was just spinning xD .) I don't know much else, besides the fact that i hit my head often and fell down stairs frequently too.