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  1. I'm reading warriors. I'm on book two part two
  2. I have two V5 tamas, and I started then at the same time and I do every thing the same with them. One just turned into an adult ant the other one hasn't and it's been about 20Mins what do you think happened??
  3. planned to kill the but before the could start their plan she changed into a so the plants could'nt reconize
  4. Do you know if any stores have it. my family dosent do ebay stuff
  5. I'd have to say Warriors is a must to read. I hate cats but my friend got me hooked on it. Dragon rider is a good one Stargirl Dear America books if you like to see what happened to girls in earlier times Corniellia and the Adoucious escapades of the somerset sisters the liberation of Gaberial King
  6. I dont like how they stopped using Firestar as the main character
  7. The patent called the doctor a crazy person that didn't det a doctor degree and left. but then one day a hammer landed on her pinky toe and she felt very calm.
  8. But then her food made her change into a so the gum missed anyway since was smaller. then she returned the plants but the plants didnt like that so they........
  9. I absoulutley LOVE the warriors books it's the only thing I've been reading this summer!!!!
  10. Is there any way to fix a scratched screen?
  11. Why your tama went over to the other tam is because even though you failed the other one was still connected so it went over to the other tam
  12. YA know how when you're V5 tama wins a game and it sometimes gets a ticket and then the ticket shows up in the rare items list and when I click on it it dose the travel show without the intro PLZ tell me why it dose that