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  1. I play the drums :] It's very fun and makes me happy I've always wanted to play the violin. I don't sing, lol. I mean, I do, but only in a group.
  2. Fallout 3 I know to most people the scenese probably wouldn't be THAT scary... I just get freaked out when one of those super mutants like come at you D : and theres lots of blood n stuff... plus when theres like no one around it gets kinda creepy because like you dunno whats going to appear It's very fun though. : ]
  3. House is a great show The episode w/ Kutner is airing in 8 hours and 44 minutes i need to watch it
  4. ^ I hate it O_O > Is REALYYREALLYREALLY obsessed with avatar right now and has just watched the finale D: v Likes squirrels?
  5. I like, never sing O_O I never have the confidence.
  6. My teeth are kinda white, i'm working on it :]
  7. iBite


    My fav characters are Toph Sokka and Zuko. In AUS they havn't aired the finale yet. I am still waiting for the episode after the boiling rock. I missed the western air temple and the firebending master x_x Gonna find out when its comin on next.
  8. I have 3, Avatar, Hells kitchen(I KNOW THERE IS ALOT OF SWEARING) and drake & josh. =] No favs on actress/actor
  9. House is AWESOME Yeah it's really sad when Amber dies :[
  10. 7/10 eh kind of cool, i like the colour green?
  11. MKay just gonna answer that. Lick a tire of course =[ Would you rather (if you had to) Give up TV or give up eating candy?