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  1. A New Year It has been a year and so since I've updated here so I'll cut to the chase and show you the images Here we have Nadeshiko and two Tsukajis brushing teeth! Was waiting for these to show up so I can do this log! Although there is one Hanerutchi 2 I'm not running just yet, wanna wait till the rest are adults! Here is my current run so far! Hopefully we'll keep this going but I won't be posting too often, not till they grow at least
  2. So after a year of not posting anything on this log I wanna bring this back again soon BUT I'm waiting for another Hanerutchi 2 in the mail, more like waiting for THREE! So once I get the one that'll be here sooner I hope to start uploading more here!
  3. What stage is it at? Could it be a trait from it's parents that gives it a sad face?
  4. Sorry if you see me around looking at profiles, I'm just looking around at old memories I made with this site and if people are still around or not

    1. Hapihapitchi


      I look at profiles all the time #noshame

  5. I have my santagotchi ready to go! I would also wanna run four mixes when I get the other two in the mail!
  6. Aw, gonna miss the old times I used to spend in that chat. If it isn't too much trouble may you upload that "Tamagotchi!~" jingle that used to be used for entering the chat?
  7. These look pretty real to me! But if you have to go with your gut then do so.
  8. My friends joke about my tamas being my children ever since I've told them I've had them around me during our group voice chats and once in awhile when they beep they go "oh your kid wants you". Since then I see them as my babies, but does anyone else see their tamas as their own?
  9. Glad to see this site is still active!

  10. How is everyone who has a Mix enjoying it?

  11. Think it might be time to change the batteries? I know some stuff can happen when it's running low on batteries.
  12. New Character I love this female character, as far as I know her name is Hanitchi, apparently the name is similar to the Genjintch tamagotchi adult character. I really do like how her eyes look, can't wait for another new female adult from the Taiiku family!
  13. @manicfan64 is my twitter, follow me and I'll follow back for miitomo!
  14. New tama hinted? I would love to imagine some of the old characters returning as DLC for the 4U or a new version in general. But it's nice to see a character page!
  15. New Character! We have another character from the Taiiku family! We've seen the female toddler so here is the bad care teen (due to the fact I took a nap) Kawaiinaotchi! I'm going for the Comedy route and will have that character logged when she evolves!