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    Tamas, Singing, Computers, Reading, Writing, Chocolate!<br><br>I have a V5 & V4. I have a whole book of Tamagotchi cheats and codes! PM me to know some

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  1. Also the TT guides, and Admin team. People who I meet on TamaChat often as well.
  2. No one put me on their list D: I would meet everyone who comes from Australia and my only REAL friend on TT : sarah8
  3. Your awesome for doing that! Thanks so much!
  4. I've been on TT for 3 months but I had another account that joined in 2006.
  5. You've been on for one year. It says you joined on June 1, 2007
  6. Sorry. Your too young. Try dating when your atleast 13 +
  7. Wow! Those were some really handy tips there!
  8. It's important to sleep for atleast 11 hours each night. You can die if you dont get enough rest.
  9. Not really, but I kinda get the creeps when someone brings this subject up.
  10. Cake. Especially Chocolate Cake. I can resist it ^^
  11. My old computer was ridiculous. Fortunately, we got a new one.