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    i love to read books that i can relate to. i love to write fiction. i love water slides, homemade cookies, billy joel, and me. im also quite lazy; if i sit at a computer, it might be years till i get off. ouch. but im also really active; i run in the mornings, you can come if you want :)<br><br>i have four tamagotchis:<br> .V4.5- earth tone<br> .V4.5- yellow mood<br> .V5- cookie dough<br> .Music star- rock city<br>MC account- SB0022 <br>i currently have first place musician! ^_^ and 281,973,057 tama fans!! yay to my band called cookies!<br><br><3 tamagotchis forever. IM me if you ever need help with cheat codes or taking care of your tama, or if you just need someone to talk to. i am always there for you, (in a non creepy way) :)

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  1. does anyone know when the tama-go comes out, and if there is anyplace i could reserve a buy for one? (maybe not the second part, but please tell me when it comes out.) also, does anyone know if it will cost more in stores than how much the other tamagotchis cost? hmm, keep me posted:)
  2. My band called Cookies JUST got their first award called 1st ranking award and it is for jazz music! star ranking: 1st Tama Fans: 289,763,507 WOWZA!!!!! i had no idea the Music star would be so fun, and so simple! i have never been so devoted XD thanks to our fans (P.S. i am definantly NOT trying to brag, because i know that it is so easy to get first in ranking. i just thought it was super cool caz i've never done so well before.)
  3. I just recently herd this song on the TV, i thought it was really good, but what do you think..?
  4. thanks, they say im to immature to reply to thier comments
  5. yes, i think it is too much too, if i had her money i would buy shampoo :DD but not like a butload. lol
  6. this has happend to me LOADS of times. but by the time you get this it will prolly be over. you could go to and ask how, or you could just restart the computer.
  7. *sigh* i get in-and-out of playing zelda games. and i recently got in to OoT (ocarina of time) and i beat it. then i wanted to be apart of the game sort-a, and i decided to join the ZU (zelda universe) forum. and, i've posted new posts and new poles expressing myself like i do here, but it just isn't the same, somehow at leat 3 or more people critizis me, and, they think it's "stupid" how i express my feelings. it makes me sad, and it let me down alot. can someone help me, and PLEASE don't snap at me, i feel all bent and cripple caz i get that 24/7 from the ZU site.
  8. THANKS GUYS!!! i feel kind-a retarded. heh heh, something as simple as that!
  9. well, i got a v5 tamagotchi not too long ago. im on the third generation, they are kids right now. but every time so far when they grow all the way up they turn in to the large family. will this always happen? will they always turn into the large family from now on? is that how the v5 is? or will they be different this time??? please help me out.
  10. uuh, i am really slow- eh i just noticed that they evolved. they are now the Large family. i think it happened two days ago. but today i went to the dating show and married. now there are kids. and i dont think this who "LOG" thing is working out. so it would be great if someone could lock this thing now, because its hard to write everything down ya noe?
  11. i really have never heard of a mutsu before i came to this site. so i picked never had a mutsu.
  12. well, i think that there should just be a place where people have to go every day, but theres all your friends and tuns of things to do... ya know?
  13. i get on the computer and play games and take care of my tama and text and play the nintendo 64. i also go on bike rides everyday to keep my health. and of course we live in the middle of nowhere, so its not that hard to go somewhere on a bike.