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  1. People! I know a whole bunch of people who play this online vpet game on facebook and most of the game's 3 million players are 30-50 years old! I feel too young when I go talk in their forum! Don't THINK of it as socially unacceptable!
  2. It looks kinda plain to me, but I'll give it a 7/10 for the simplicity. I like Coldplay too
  3. Aw, don't worry. My teacher told us she didn't get it until she was 18 and started university I love babysitting my 6-year-old little brother though. Just not babies
  4. For all of those who have lost their families, friends, homes, belongings or suffered in any other way from the recent bushfire in Australia, and for all of those who worked their hardest, taking risks to fight against this devastating disaster for the sake of others, my love goes out to you. And for all of those who willingly helped to rebuild the lives of residents of the bushfire zone, I appreciate your actions of giving them precious gifts of care and generosity. I would just like to say that, I, as an Australian citizen, believes that together you are all able to overcome this challenge! WE are all able to, I should say! May you build strength and confidence to move forward! In memory of deceased victims of the Victorian bushfires, Summer 2009
  5. ^ I'm not either. I'm scared of childbirth. Maybe I'll adopt one.
  6. Me too am a Facebook addict It has great apps
  7. If any of you, in the past few days had received notifications on Facebook that says '>insert name here< has experienced some errors viewing your profile', do NOT click on it. It's a worm that is maliciously spreading. More information can be read here: http://www.topbreakingnewsheadlines.com/ne...k-system-beware You can also google 'Facebook error check system' for more info.
  8. You know, on TamaTalk, whenever we login, cast a vote, send a PM etc. a screen comes up saying 'Thanks, (insert whatever you did here). Please wait until we transfer you'. And below it says 'Or click here if you do not wish to wait'. Do you click on that link? I usually do, except for when I login, because sometimes login fails and takes me back to the guest page if I do so. Sometimes I just prefer waiting for it to transfer though
  9. Wow. That's quite tall for your age. If you're exactly 165cm I'd actually be a bit shorter than you. And most of my friends in my age group are shorter than me. Height within my age group varies a lot. One of my friends is like really short (something like 150cm?). As is one of my guy friends. But one of his friends (my crush *blushes*) is like super-tall. Apparently I met a lady who told me that she was only 120cm when she was my age O_O
  10. It's weird. I live in Australia and everyone over here does day/month. But on my V4s (Jinseis, I THINK they're Connexions, it didn't say on the package) they're all month/dates. It's strange...
  11. OK... So I got a friend request from Tamagotchi MusicStar. And I ignored. So I shouldn't have done that?