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  1. 3/10 I just came back so i may have some low rankings.
  2. I forgot about her... Shes my second fave.
  3. Who is your fave video game princess? Mine is Rosalina. All those cute little lumas :DD. Who is YOUR FAVE.
  4. I would take the boo mushrooms from super mario galaxy and then eat them. HERE COMES BOO GEORGETTE D:
  5. Both. But i mostly like mario. Sometimes i play as Sonic characters in Mario and Sonic at the olympics. It would be awesome if Rosalina from SMG would be in that game :/
  6. Aero Glider is the european name for Jetsetter. And i have not posted in a while so i might keep this topic alive.
  7. OMG i love this game and i have all characters but my picture of them is poor quality oh yeah and how do you get aero glider? i want that kart so bad! anyways if you have it and need some help on it (with characters) ask me
  8. 1. Eat the cookie 2. Give it to Georgette! 3. Make it famous! 4. Make a cookie tree 5. Compliment it. Make it feel good
  9. MMMM I can't wait to make chocolate chip! This is going to be so fun! Do you like cookies? If so what kind?
  10. weird.. 17 is my lucky number and feb 24 is only 3 days away from my b-day (f3b 27) my fave song is Wish we were older Woah-e woah-e woah oh! (EDIT 200TH POST)
  11. Like their music? My fav is MASONMUSSO! sooooo cute! too bad he's gay,
  12. Georgette

    The Wii

    I love the wii and im hoping to get mario kart soon. At my birthday sleepover i got a wii and my friend brought mario kart wii over. I suck xD i suck at wii wheel so thats why im using nunchuck also this is weird i plugged my ipod USB cable in the back and it starts charging hmmmmmm