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    I like many things. Judge me. Label me. Do what you want. I don't care.<br>Stuff I like~<br><br>Movies~<br>Camp Rock<br>Naruto:Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow<br>The Strangers<br><br>Shows~<br>Hannah Montana<br>As The Bell Rings<br>Wizards of Waverly place<br>J.O.N.A.S!(I can't wait for it to come out :3)<br><br>Music~<br>Demi Lovato<br>Jonas Brothers<br>Meaghan Jette Martin<br>Tokio Hotel(I'm not obsessed. They're OK)<br><br>If life aint just a joke then why are we laughing?<br><br>Want to know more? PM me.<br><br>Two Years on TamaTalk and still lovin' it.

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  1. What do you like in a guy/girl?: I don't Wanna Be In Love(xDDD) How do you feel today?: We Got The Party(xD) What is your life's purpose?: See You Again(Stalker much?) What Do your friends think of you?: Kids Of The Future(wtf?) What Do you think of your parents?: Too Cool(xDDD) What is your motto?: Under Pressure What do you think about very often?: Shelf(...wtf?) What is 2+2?: East Northumberland High What do you think of your best friends?: Misery Buisness(wtf?) What do you think of the person you like?: As I am What is your life story?: 1985(wtf?!) What do you want to be when you grow up?: Remember The Name What do you think of when you see the person you like?: God Knows(xDDD) What will you dance to at your wedding?: This is Halloween(o.o) What will they play at your funeral?: SOS(wtf?) What is your biggest fear?: Riot(xDDD) What is your biggest secret?: Got Me Going Crazy What do you think of your friends?: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun(o.o)
  2. 0/10 Sorry, I hate her music. Never Too Late-Three Days Grace
  3. Yes, that is also one of my favorites as well. But the song is actually called "Riot."
  4. Does anyone besides me love them? I saw them in concert at Hawaii's BayFest. Awesome<3 Do you like them?
  5. Never Too Late- Three Days Grace Why do I miss Hawaii?
  6. I used to like Green Day, a lot. Infact my old account was greendaygirl829. But now, eh. They're okay but not one of my favorite bands. But MCR is better, in my opinion. I like all their songs, even Blood<3
  7. w. t. f? No, MCR? Dude, seriously. But by far... JONAS BROTHERS!!<3 Heres my list... 1.Jonas Brothers<33 2.My Chemical Romance 3.Fall Out Boy 4.Three Days Grace 5.Papa Roach 6.Medic Droid
  8. ... -coughJosephJonascough- Hmmm... Percy Jackson! From the Percy Jackson and the Olypians series<3
  9. 10/10 I love that song in Goonies!!<3 Don't Forget-Demi Lovato
  10. *i*/10 Paramore pwns. But...JB PWNS MORE!!<3