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  1. Your never to old for tamagotchis!! My mom, dad, aunt, and grandma play they! They told me about tamas. They have some of the first tamas ever!! sabri
  2. I just had to know!! Tell me if you like the poll!! Plez respond!
  3. Just check every day if you don't pause it the growth sould only take a little over a week. hope i helped sabri
  4. try this and print this out this should explain what you need sabri
  5. Hey i can help!! Don't pause it cause that pauses the growth. And take great care of your tama. sabri If you want to save the batteries turn the screen to the time when they sleep
  6. in a few hours a new [!] will pop up you can try again trust me i used to do it all the time. hope i helped sabri
  7. when you play games they each give different types of points. tug of war and climb give you random. apple gives you funny, dance gives you Gorgeous, and man hole gives you Spiritual. hope i helped sabri
  8. it sound like the large family. give them a balence buiscuit to turn them back. for some mor info click this & sabri
  9. Well if you want a girl tamagotchi there is a grey button on the back of the tamagotchi that if you use a pen to poke the button and wait for it to hatch. If it is a boy hit the button again. If it is a girl name it(it will say boy or girl under the newly hatched tama). The instructions should explain it from there. hope I helped sabri
  10. don't worry my tama was, but i raised it right and got urovioletchi. don't worry your tama is fine hope i helped sabri
  11. The tama v5 goes to bed at 9 and wakes up at 7. all ages!! hope i helped!!! sabri
  12. who cares you got money!!!! it may be a glitch but it is a good glitch so roll with it!! sabri
  13. sorry!! That happened to me! i found out that if you over feed you get the large family, under feed you get the peitiets, and if they are typicaly unhappy you get the goza family. sorry that i had to give you bad news just don't do it again!! sabri
  14. sorry that it is unfinished!!! still look at the chart!!!! sabri
  15. getting one egg is normal you can get 1,2, or 3 eggs on a v5 don't worry that could even mean that your tama is special you may just have a rare family like the space family tell me if any thing happens sabri