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    MICHAELA SOMETIMES.<br><br><br>I love how we gave up every last choice,<br>But the dial tone never sounded as sweet as your voice,<br>I want you to know I've burnt every bridge,<br>I want you to know I almost forgot how to forgive,<br>Killers, thrillers, liars, cryers, you know you're welcome here,<br>Becasue in my half-hearted home, we forget our fears.<br><br>Don't be offended when I call you beautiful,<br>You know every lie I tell is true,<br>Remember the words of the moon and the stars,<br>Sometimes, Michaela, nightmares come true.<br><br>Sometimes, sometimes, light shines through, but<br>Sometimes, sometimes, so do you.<br>Did you know, did you know, killers tell the truth,<br>Did you know, did you know, liars can't be true?<br>One two, one two, as the wind blew,<br>And ruffled through your hair,<br>Three four, three four, as you slammed the door,<br>Did you remember I was still there?<br><br>I was, I was, my thoughts were so loud,<br>Did you hear me thinking about you?<br>Sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, Michaela,<br>Nightmares don't come true.<br><br>Have you heard, have you heard,<br>The moon sings the blues because of you.<br>The stars are crashing around your eyes,<br>Did you know sometimes dreams come true?<br>Cameras flash,<br>Faces pass,<br>The lights shine in your eyes,<br>People thrash,<br>Cars crash,<br>You never even saw me.<br><br>Lifelines snap with broken glass,<br>Sometimes lights turn on,<br>I love you, Michaela, remember that,<br>Because sometimes, myself is gone.<br><br><br>BRITTANY [almost, but not quite] FOREVER. [/because it doesn't exist, right?]<br><br><br>Last night I saw your ghost through a broken window,<br>Nothing compares to knowing that you know.<br><br>Write my name on a burning building,<br>We'll watch our souls set fire. <br>Watch the flames reach up to the dark sky,<br>Do you remember what it was like,<br>Forgetting how to fly?<br><br>As long as you know the truth, and there's nobody left to save,<br>As long as life outlasts us, We'll take this to our graves.<br><br>Forever, she whispered, forever,<br>No, we'll never forget,<br>Never, I whispered, never,<br>As long as Never isn't yet.<br><br>Write my name on paper,<br>And throw it into the flames,<br>It's okay that you want to forget me,<br>I've never been the same.<br><br>Written in the papers, the darkness weighs us down,<br>Even though we're never the same, You can't hide in this town.<br><br>Glass hearts,<br>Paper knives,<br>Do you remember how to lie?<br>Plain white caskets,<br>Golden lives,<br>Will you rememer how to cry?<br><br>Over the wet pavement,<br>Whispers float through cold air,<br>Brittany, have you heard?<br>Our footsteps still sound out there.<br><br>Let the moon know all of our lives,<br>Because God won't witness for us any more,<br>Write my name on this town burning down,<br>It's the last thing we'll ever know.<br><br><br>KATIE TONIGHT.<br><br><br>Catch me off guard and steal me away, because my heart's a home,<br>No feeling compares to the glass on my cheek of your closed window.<br><br>Ice clicks on the burning ground,<br>We walk barefoot here for fun,<br>Steam rises up and shuts our eyes,<br>Because here, we always run.<br><br>Star-struck buildings with planes at the top,<br>This city has secrets to keep,<br>This city, this city, is always awake,<br>But only because dead men don't sleep.<br><br>Pass me a pint of that sweet gasoline, bottoms up for love,<br>Let your sweet lies intoxicate me, like the stars shouting above.<br><br>Later that night, when I tried to sleep,<br>Music shouted from the apartment below,<br>It told be about how I can't learn to love,<br>Especially because I already know.<br><br>Barefeet on wooden floorboards, this house doesn't lie,<br>My house is a home and so is my heart, so Remember not to cry.<br><br>The light that shines from bright eyes,<br>Is the light that leads me away,<br>The music that comes from a broken heart,<br>Is the one that makes me stay.<br><br>So pass me another pint of that sweet gasoline and bottoms up for love,<br>Let your lies intoxicate me tonight, like the stars crying above.<br><br>I didn't mean to keep you out late,<br>I know the night's been long,<br>But Katie, tonight, the moon with stay out late for us,<br>And play us one more song.<br><br><br>XX-<br><br><br>One broken mirror means seven years without you,<br>All the broken glass on the floor, my nightmare has come true.<br><br>Though time stopped, the clock moves on,<br>If only in me head,<br>It's the only way to think that I'm still me,<br>Even after you're dead.<br><br>Have you heard the funeral's before the wedding?<br>You always planned things so well,<br>Lips stumbling over the well-practiced words,<br>Can we please pretend we never fell?<br><br>Heartbeats echo so loud through the cold, locked night,<br>This is one of the feelings I promised you I'd never fight.

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  1. http://i257.photobucket.com/albums/hh203/b...ip/104_4402.gif "Hey everyone. The moon looks a little drunk tonight. Watch out for that. Never forget. -Alex" In case you can't read it XD
  2. Would a wide smile suffice for explaining the thought shooting through my head like a bullet right now?
  3. Grand Central Station. With lots of people.
  4. If I didn't take a shower that morning, I shower at night. If I don't shower, I don't usually put on pajamas. I brush my teeth. I write. I usually end up going to bed in my jeans and whatever shirt I wore that day. If I do wear PJs, It's usually just a tank top and shorts. Then I go into my bed. I don't usually sleep, so i usually just end up staring at the ceiling for six and haf hours. Then I get back up and write, draw, clean, sing, watch TV, play guitar, something like that. Usually by about four thirty or five, I give up the night routine and start getting dressed and stuff. I don't really like the night that much, because insomniatic habits aren't too much fun. But night is usually my favourite twelve-hour span. I suppose that says a lot about a person.
  5. I don't. but yours was funny XD *off topic chat removed* I have a youtube channel though. Me and my friend basically be stupid on camera. We made a video dedicated to talking about my sweatervest XD
  6. Sweet 8D -onlypeoplewithbadkarmathinklikethatXDD- And if you need anymore charactors in with bad karma, I'm there XD So's blue♣slip, my other account. I'm excited now 8D (-I would've gotten to it sooner, but my posts are moderated before being... Posted. Karma penalties XD-)
  7. An idea just popped into my head. Okay. So they call in for backup from the other members, do like a search party thing to look for them. they found them in this old building (or something...?), and they try to get them out. it turns out they''ve taken a member hostage, and if the others take force then they'll... do something. Bad to the member. I know this sounds bad, but I'm not trying XDD Anyway. So they know that they can't take immediate force. The Admin suggests something. By whispering. The guides are shocked, but they too see that it's the only way that they can help -NameOfHostagedMember-. They need to call in some certain members. the rebelliouse ones. Yes, the ones with bad karma. They're the bigger, stronger, more... something then the rest. The guides don't know if it's a good idea, but Admin thinks it's fine. He still has faith in them. And some really exciting stuff happenes and -Member- gets out safe and and and yeah. -bursts out laughing and is shot by Allie XDD- Other then that, I have nothing. xD
  8. It reminds me of one of those doctor masks. Hold on; Yeah. I Wikipedia'd it. A bunch of Dr. Who stuff came up, so I'm assuming it's just called a doctor mask XD
  9. Lying Is the Most Fun Alex Can have Without taking Her Clothes Off is an epic song. Most likely beause Panic! is an epic band <3
  10. Alex crossed the cold-tiled hallway and boarded the elevator. She shivered slightly as she pressed the button for the quarantine wing. As she got out, the hall was completely dark except for a room on the right at the very end of the hall. Alex laughed as she thought. Whether this was intentional or not, Derek has style. She took her time walking down the hallway. She almost choked as she crossed the room where Jon... You don't need to think about this, Alex. Not right now. She thought.
  11. And song references XD We were in my launguage class, and he gives us these little quickwrite things. I was in his advanced class, and got great grades, but he hates me becuase I'm such a smartass XD One of the questions was "Which came first- the chicken or the egg?" And I wrote 'The misery. Wait, no... the music.' And conversations will be like Stephanie: My new favourite color is blue. Me: I like Aubergine. Stephanie: What? Me: Estrogen. Stephanie: Huh? Me: WHEN I SAY SHOTGUN, YOU SAY WEDDING! Shotgun. Stephanie: Alex, shut up. Or~ Taylor: Don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about. Me: Don't pretend you ever forgot about me. Taylor: Uh... Me: Would you rather be a widow, or a divorcee? Taylor: Widow. Me: Don't pretend! D-d-d- Don't pretend Taylor: What? Me: WE DO IT IN THE DARK, WITH SMILES ON OUR FACES! Taylor: -hangs up- Or~ Corey: I was talking to this kid names Chris, and- Me: HEY CHRIS! YOU WERE OUR ONLY FRIEND! Corey: uh... Yeah. Sure. Anyway, I- Me: AND I KNOW THIS IS BELATED, BUT WE LOVE YOU BACK! And when we do the Pros and Cons bubble thingies in school, I'll head it 'The Pros And Cons of Breathing.' One time I forgot to put my name on it, and the teacher held it up. One of the kids said "Hey, that's a Fall Out Boy song." Then my friend pointed at me and said "It's probbably her's." So usually I burst out laughing whenever I do that, which is a lot XD
  12. Um... Sorta XD I was at my family reunion. Everyone was talking about my Cousin Chad. About his football games. I thought it was funny. I was thinking What kind of grown man still plays football? Later I figured out that 'Cousin Chad' is Chad Pennington from the NFL XD Later my grandma called him and scolded him for not showing up. He was on speaker. it was really funny 83 He asked who was there and she named everonye. the he went down the list. "Hi Grandma, hi Auntie Jerry, hi Uncle Ray, hi Alex, Hi Aunt Karen..." And he went down the list. X: That's me 8D And there are a couple more, but I'm too lazy to share XD
  13. I just got a sudden flash (yes, it happens a lot XD) of Ryan junior from That green Gentleman playing eyeliner in the mirror XD Now, if you have no reaosning, you have no proof. No body, no crime, Sweetheart. I doubt that anyone but me understands my logic and thinking track XD But it makes sense, and it's genious. Well, to me XD
  14. I wonder if Ryan wore eyeliner when he was four. The sexy fancy-ish design kind 8D Now explain to me, Sunshine, what is your reasoning?
  15. I wanna see what Andy looked like XD All my school pictures suck. I wish I could enter that crappy webcam pic or something, I hate the school photographers because you don't even know what it looks like until you buy them or get your I.D. XD I know every word to Northern Downpour. -is shot- XDD Answer me one thing, Allie. Which came first- The Music or the Misery?