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  1. This is how to debug your tamagotchi. You have a 70% chance of doing it succsessfully and 30% chance of messing it up and breaking your tamagotchi. Here is a link to the website that I went to to debug my tamagotchi succsessfully. Here it is!! http://www.pixelmood.com/tamagotchi_connection_debugging.htm Good Luck! Remember its worth it!!!
  2. I looked it up. Look up V5 character charts. You'll find it, believe me.
  3. U have to go to the travel channel. That is V5's version of Pause.
  4. yes u can u can get the space family.
  5. there is a space family! I Looked it up!
  6. I don't really understand... how do you choose the tamagotchi to raise??