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    Hi guys! My name is Paige, and I'm 13 years old. Here's some things about me:

    I love to dance.
    I love tamagotchi's.
    I love to learn.
    And I love the piano.

    I first joined this site about four years ago. Last year I forgot about the site, and this year I decided to come back!

    Thanks for reading!

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  1. Okay hey guys. I'm such an awful mother, I know. Next time I have a competition, I'm definitely pausing them. Well, lets get started. Who's that hottie? That's right! Fellow Blaze is an oldie! The matchmaker only came once, and she brought a blob with a flower. We decided no. February is currently on pause, because she's 9 years old. I have a friend with a Kuromametchi, and we're gonna marry them on Monday! I started up my V3 again, but the egg is on pause for now.
  2. Guys, I have awful news. I was at a dance competition all weekend, and so I didn't have time to care for my tamas at all. The first day I came back, they were okay. But yesterday when I got back, I checked on all three of them. Blaze and February were fine, but Aiden was on the verge of dying. Soon enough, I heard the beeping, and I didn't know how to stop it. So now he's gone, and along with his poor baby boy. I feel so guilty, and I already miss him. I wish I would've been able to bring him, but the rules were strict. That's it for today. I'll hopefully be back tomorrow.
  3. You're banned because your icon is scary!
  4. I'm laughing so hard I can't breathe.

  5. Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of an update yesterday! I was in the middle of typing this up when my computer crashed. And I lost all my photos. I'm way too lazy to take them all again, so I'm gonna wait 'till tomorrow. Sorry! Aiden evolved into Violetchi yesterday, and Blaze Celebtchi! So cute. <3 They tried out all their new items, and loved them. So cute. Aiden wants to get on, so here we go. Hey guys! It's me! Remember? Probably not. My mom was mean and banned me from getting on. Wasn't my fault I was a toddler. Yeah it was. Blaze! Go away! Don't be a baby. I wanna join! February! Stop it! Aiden, you can't take them all for yourself. She's right, A. Whatever. Now he's gonna go sulk in the corner. Hard to tell he's the oldest, huh. That's enough you two. Well, that was them. Crazy tamas, huh. I'll talk to you guys tomorrow!
  6. I'm updating later then usual, so Aiden and Blaze are already asleep! Nothing is new with them, so it's okay. Last night after my update, February evolved into a shelltchi! But I didn't get any pictures, because when I went to type out my update, she had already evolved into.... A MEMETCHI! I'm super surprised, to be honest. But I'm not complaining! Here she is: (Super bad photos on this one. Sorry guys >.<) And here she is coming up to say hi! That's really all that's happened. She just turned 3 today, so her marriage will be soon. Aiden should be evolving into an adult tomorrow, and Blaze following after. Stay tuned!
  7. Hey guys! There's not much new with Aiden right now. Blaze got invited to school, and soon after he evolved! Look at him brushing his teeth! <3 Here's Aiden taking a bath: And then February taking a bath! And then poor Blaze got removed from kindergarten. But soon after he was moved to high school! I'm so proud. Aiden should be an adult by tomorrow. They grow up so fast <3
  8. It's getting so dead lately. Where is everyone? :'(

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      I wish I could post here more but there are no topics that interest me.

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      I know! Even the Fun Stuff thread is getting kinda boring.... And do one is in TamaChat right now... :((

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      In the questions topics, everybody just copies the first answer.

      Well, this is it. It's 2013, TamaTown's been shut down. I was here for 2009. It was packed.

      I only stay for TC now.

  9. MORE NEWS! I need to start making these more spread out Introducing... ​February the Tamago! I would start up an old one, because they're my favorites, but unfortunately I don't have any more batteries. I did have double AA, though, so why not?! There she is, poor February. Crying her eyes out. It sucks how you don't get to actually name them on the Tamago. I'm gonna do it anyway though! She'll be a toddler soon, so I'll update you when the time comes.
  10. Hey guys! I have big news! So I came home from school, and immediately checked my tamas. (I don't bring them to school anymore, because one time someone stole them all x.x) And I saw them both as toddlers! So cute! Here's Blaze: Aiden turned one today, so I knew evolution was coming. It finally came and... A young mametchi! He's so cute. They aren't allowed to talk today, because of the naughtiness yesterday! Blaze is the master at tug of war. He loves to play! I also bought Aiden some things from the store today. He has to wait a few days to use them though! And the two boys connected with eachother! Look how funny Aiden looks! He gave Blaze a present, and he loved it. They're getting along so well! I can't wait to see how they look as adults! That's all for now guys!
  11. Okay, so I know I just posted that first update, but I have more exciting news. Aiden is gonna have a friend! I decided to start up another tama just for this log! Aiden needed a friend! So, introducing... Blaze, the V4.5! Here he is as an egg: And I would post another as a baby, but he looks just like Aiden, but without the hat. Oh! Aiden says he wants to talk to you guys. Well, here goes... Hi guys! I'm Aiden! And I'm a tamatchi! I wanna talk to you guys just like my mom does! Okay Aiden, that's enough. Mom, Blaze says he wants to try too! But- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GOO GOO GHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! Blaze! Hehehe! Sorry about that. They'll probably wanna talk to you guys every day! Little trouble makers! Thanks to tamagotchialice for liking my first post!
  12. Welcome to Aiden, the V3's log! I'm not taking part in any group hatches, I just thought it'd be fun to do. So without further ado, here's Aiden as an egg! (Sorry for the super bad pics.) He hatched at around 2:03pm, on 4/7/13. I was excited when I saw he was a boy, because I usually get girls. He loves playing Get, and buying things at the store. He found 300p in a chest, but I wasn't fast enough with my camera. And soon enough........... He was a toddler! I'm so attached to the little guy already I'll post more tomorrow. Thanks for reading!