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    Hey, I’m Ginny [: I’m fourteen years young, but I feel like a seven year old in a teenager’s body. I like PM’s. And I like talking. I’m loud. I like my friends. I like Panic! At the Disco. I like Never Shout Never. I like All Time Low. I like some Fall Out Boy. I like Paramore. I like tumblr. I like pretty things. I like running and swimming and books and springtime. I like a lot of things. BUT YEAH you can usually find me in TamaChat. Or you can PM me. Kbyee(:

    EDIT: hi it's been a minute y'all. obviously i'm not active here anymore. i'm leaving that ^ up as a testament to my hilariously embarrassing days as a tween. catch me @ terezis on tumblr tho.

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  1. I don't really count as a TC!Regular anymore, but I'd be really sad to see TamaChat! go. I know the drama and rude users are a problem - they always have been, but I doubt TC's the only chat site to get that trouble but I'm going to quote a friend here (lolol Kelsey); "For me at least it was how I annoyed my parents at an early age met all of you and it’s kind of stupid to deny other kids that ability," I met some amazing friends in TC, and I would feel terrible if other younger kids didn't have that ability. I'm not gonna lie, I was probably one of the rude users at one point or another, but I'd hate to see TamaTalk lose TC, and while I don't love the idea of having to get approval to enter the chat (how would that work, btw?), it seems like one of the only options. .o.; Honestly, I wish the Flashchat was an option (who would have thought we'd miss it XD) because when I DID come back to chat in TC with some other older regulars, we got yelled at because we didn't want to talk about tamagotchis. The two rooms usually solved that. xD
  2. are you new here.

    what is your name.

    nice to meet you.

    sdfkjgkdjk orrzz

  3. Hiya o3o I dunno, honestly, I haven't seen Grace since before the TT update asdfgjk. D:

  4. Hey

    Just wondering, has Grace been on lately, I haven't heard much,


  5. hey hun, I have a new fb account. I've added you.


    I tried to post on your profile a few days ago but then my internet screwed up D;

    but anyhoww ILY

  7. I'm with Lee. JAVAJAVAJAVA. To be honest, I don't like it much, but then I'm biased because I always hate the new chats. xP It's gonna take some getting used to. I don't like the fact that we can't change colours or backgrounds either, but that's just a little thing. xD The fact that there's only one room I really don't like though. I'm a "regular" I guess and my friends and I don't really talk about tamagotchis; other members (when I visit the newer chat) get annoyed when me and Nicola or someone are joking around about Tumblr or something and they wanna talk about tamas. In the old chat, they usually went into the Tamagotchi Talk room while we hung out in the Lounge. xDD The Chat lags me a bit when I'm logging in but it doesn't happen often. [:
  8. I'm not the only one in love with this series, right? The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Finished Mockingjay the night I got it. Ahhhh! So, favorite moment/character/book/etcetera~? Finnick is my love, bby. I really love Annie, Haymitch, and Mags as well. Not to mention I read too much fanfiction.
  9. When I click a notification in the upper right hand corner next to my username, it'll say something like "usernamehere has started a personal conversation with you," but when I click it, I get a little red error screen saying "[#10227] You are not allowed to use the private messaging system." & today when I try to access my profile, I get a similar error message saying I'm not allowed to view it. Yesterday and the day before I could though... XD; Also I like the fact omg omg omg I can se Cosmic Sans <33