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  1. Ooh, do you know if it will be available for all Apple things, or just iPad/iPhone? I recently got a MacBook Pro for college, and I dunno how I feel about draging my Tamas around school...
  2. My goodness. It's been years since I got on here. I need to get back into the world of Tamas...

  3. DAY 2, 8/23/12 After being woken up by Frost turning into an Oniontchi, I groaned, rolled over, paused everyone, and went back to bed. Because I am real dedicated, I tells ya. Anyways, once I felt like starting the day, here's what everyone's stats were at: V1: FROST Tama: Oniontchi (evolved during the night) Age: 0 Training: 4 V2: TEAR Tama: Butterflytchi Age: 4 Training: 8 Gotchi: 499 points V3: CHIBI Tama: Young Mametchi Age: 2 Training: 5 Gotchi: 1,660 points V4: YUMI Tama: Mizutamatchi Age: 0 Training: 2 Intellectual: 20 Artistic: 12 Social: 15 Gotchi: 2,120 points V5/FAMILITCHI: GIMPY FAMILY Tamas: Tororotchi (daughter), Ahirukutchi (son), Sakuramotchi (daughter) Family type: Blended Bond: 0% Gotchi: 430 points V6/MUSIC STAR: LISHA Tama: Mimitchi Age: 2 Tone: 705 Rythm: 725 Original: 709 Gotchi: 17,249,260 points Star Rank: 999 V7/TAMAGO: MAMETCHI Age: 6 Training: 9 Gotchi: 9860 points Shortly after recording all this, Yumi evolved into a Young Memetchi! Hooray! Then Chibi started to pout. I guess he felt left out. I gave him some praise. A while later, Lisha started practicing her violin, while Chibi sang a little song. Then my V5 beeped, and they played with blocks and got some bond percentage. Went to the store and bought a wig for Chibi and a skirt for Yumi. They can't use them yet, but those will be fun when they evolve. Then I had Mametchi run the toy store again while I went and ate some food. Lisha performed for the Music Critics again... Yeah, no luck there. More X's. What do you have to do to impress these guys? Both V6's got mail at 2:30 pm. Cassaran got 2,000 gotchi from the King. Lisha got a poop > Half an hour later, Yumi got some mail from the school system. She has officially graduated from Preschool and into grade school! I placed her in Mr. Turtlepedia's class (having already once raised a Memetchi) I'm starting to see a pattern here. Events on all my Tamagotchis seem to happen around the quarter hour... for example, at 3:15 Tear came up to the screen and did the 'Hello!' animation. More mail came at 3:30. Yumi got a heart, while Cassaran got a poop (there is something seriously wrong with a postal system that allows the shipping of fecal matter). Frost, for whatever her reasons, started doing face-plants at 3:45 pm. Lots of other maintenance-y things happened (feeding, cleaning, games, etc.) I think 3:45 is a busy time. Then the Gimpy Triplets had another bonding experience, Yumi got a fortune in the mail, and Lisha performed for the critics again. 2 CIRCLES! PROGRESS! Cassaran and Lisha both got a heart in the mail, while Tear is walking around with a backpack for some reason. Then Frost, Yumi, and Chibi all needlessly beeped for attention. Time-outs all around. Lisha had a concert in the park at 5. It seems to have gone well; she has 34,843 fans (forgot to record that earlier. Oops) Chibi and Tear have become quite good friends. I think, once Chibi evolves, I'll marry them! (I also discovered that my V4 can't connect to others anymore... crud. Guess I'll settle for the matchmaker.) More V5 bonding, and another concert in the park! Even more people showed up! At 6:30, Mametchi and Chibi both took baths. 45 minutes later, Lisha performed for the critics again... YES! We got a record deal! 7:30 pm: Lisha and Frost go and take their baths, while Tororotchi raids the fridge again. Then Frost started pouting, and Yumi started crying. Aww. Praises praises praises. Then Mametchi went and brushed his teeth, and shortly after Chibi took his turn pouting, so I praised him too. Chibi and Yumi went to bed at 8, while the Gimpy Triplets took a bath. Then Mametchi went to bed at 8:15, but when I checked his stats, it woke him up. A possible bug? Do all TamaGo's do this? 8:30, and Tear took a bath. Not that she's going to bed any time soon. Then I went downstairs for a donut, and when I came back up, everyone but Tear had gone to bed. Some of them were missing hungry or happy hearts, and I'm pretty sure someone went to bed next to a poop. Then Ben handed me Cassaran again, who was both sleeping next to a poop and missing two hearts from both hungry and happy. I need to teach that kid how to take care of his own Tama... Tear, as always, went to bed waaay too late at 10:00 pm. Everyone's stats at the end of the day, compared to the start of the day: V1: FROST Tama: Oniontchi (evolved) Age: 0 Training: 6 (+2) V2: TEAR Tama: Butterflytchi Age: 4 Training: 8 Gotchi: 605 points (+106) V3: CHIBI Tama: Young Mametchi Age: 2 Training: 8 (+3) Gotchi: 1,234 points (-426) V4: YUMI Tama: Young Memetchi (evolved) Age: 0 Training: 4 (+2) Intellectual: 34 (+14) Artistic: 14 (+2) Social: 17 (+2) Gotchi: 1,830 (-290) V5/FAMILITCHI : GIMPY FAMILY Tamas: Tororotchi (daughter), Ahirukutchi (son), Sakuramotchi (daughter) Family type: Blended Bond: 10% (+10) Gotchi: 630 points (+200) V6/MUSIC STAR: LISHA Tama: Mimitchi Age: 2 Tone: 823 (+118) Rythm: 839 (+130) Original: (+86) Star rank: 50th place (+949) Fans: 82,304,123 (+82,269,280) V7/TAMAGO: MAMETCHI Age: 6 Training: 9 Friendship: 6 Characters: 6 Gotchi: 15,930 points (+6,070)
  4. The way you get items is to get them as a gift from a friend. When you connect to another Tama, it randomly chooses to either play a game, or have one Tama give the other a gift. The gifts are usually cakes, hearts, and poops, but if you have a baby/child/teen Tama, sometimes it will be a black ball. If you pick "Present" in the book section, you can play with it. Once you have an adult Tama, you can't play with the ball any more, but if you connect again you get a different gift, depending on what character you raised. For example, Mametchi (this guy , but on the v1 he looks like this ) gets a pencil and a bowtie, and Torokotchi (this guy here ) gets a skateboard. Hope this helped!
  5. The easiest way to think of it (for me, at least) is like a Gameboy. The Tama is the Gameboy (it has the screen and the buttons), and the figures are like game cartriges (they contain games and such that are separate from the Tama itself). Not all the lite figures (the ones with a white base that come with your Tama) have the same game. Mine is a Mametchi (this guy ), and it has a game called "Cradles". When you plug them in, it says "Welcome!" and that's about it. The full figures (the ones with the colored bases that are sold separately) each contain a few games and a shop/restaurant. Some of them also have an "Item" selection, for when the shops sell items. When you plug them in, not only does it say "Welcome!", but if you go to the clock screen you can see your Tama AND the Tama on the figure. Now, a weird and awesome little thing nobody tells you: If you happen to raise a Tama that you have as a figure, then when you plug that figure in, instead of buying things at the shop, you run it. For example, I somehow managed to raise a Mametchi (he's very hard to get) so now, when I plug in the Mametchi figure (the full one, not the lite one) I can run the Toy Store and get money that way. I hope this was helpful! Pikachi out.
  6. So my V4's Infra-red receiver seems to be broken. I tried to connect it to my V3 earlier, and it didn't work. Tried again. Still didn't work. Curious as to why that is, I tried connecting my V2 and V1 to my V3, to see if it was my V3 having issues. Worked fine both times. Then I tried connecting them to my V4. Nothing worked, and they said 'Fail' almost immediately, while my V4 still said 'Standby'. Now, the way I was trying to connect them, I selected 'Others' on both Tamas, and then used the lower version Tama to initiate the connection. I usually do it this way because it tends to eliminate a lot of random connection bugs. However, when I tried it backwards, and used the V4 to initiate it, it would first say 'Connect', and then 'Fail' on both Tamas. So I think what's happening is that my V4 can send IR signals fine, but can't receive any. Does anyone know how to fix this? Looking through the red plastic, the thingy looks fine. I think the problem's on the inside. Should I open it up, see if I can fix it? Or just leave it be?
  7. That awkward moment when something beeps and everybody looks at you

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      Epic status.

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      Neon Pegasus


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      Hahaha, awesome song XD

  8. ... or I'm going to try to, anyways. See, I am a huge book fan, or more specifically, a huge Skulduggery Pleasant fan, and the next book (awesomely named Kindgom of the Wicked) comes out on the 30th. So I have to wait until then. And then I have to wait a bit more to order and ship it, because I live in America and for some dumb reason the never published anything past book 3 over here. THAT IS TOO LONG TO WAIT. I will surely go crazy. So in an attempt to keep myself occupied, I went out and bought an impressive ammount of watch batteries yesterday and started up all my Tamas (that's 7, for those keeping score). Then I wrote down what happened in my notebook, and now I'm writing it here. That's the plan, see, I write it down there and then I write it in here. That way I don't have to come back to the computer every 20 minutes or so to update things. DAY 1, 8/22/12 Having purchased 6 LR2032 batteries (which was FREAKIKNG EXPENSIVE....) I have started up all my Tamas. I hit download on each and every one of them, but I haven't played some of these since '05, so I have no idea what's on them. Let's see what we got: V1 Name: Frost Tama: Marutchi (toddler) Age: 0 Generation: 2 V2 Name: Tear Tama: Butterflytchi (adult) Age: 4 Generation: 1 V3 Name: Chibi Tama: Young Mametchi (teen) Age: 2 Generation: 1 V4 Name: Yumi Tama: Mizutamatchi (toddler) Age: 2 Generation: 2 V5/Familitchi Family Name: Gimpy (on account of gimpy C button. This is the only tama I actually reset) Family type: Blended Tamas: Tororotchi (daughter), Ahirukutchi (son), Sakuramotchi (daughter), (toddlers) Age: 0 Generation: 1 V6/Music Star Name: Lisha Tama: Mimitchi (adult) Age: 2 Generation: 5 (Longest running Tama I've ever had) V7/TamaGo Tama: Mametchi Age: 5 Generation: 2 Shortly after recording this, someone sent me a poo in the mail. Why? Why would someone do that? All Yumi's happy hearts got emptied. Meanwhile, Lisha went to take a shower. She performed for the critics earlier, got X-ed. Bah. Who needs them? The younger of my 2 little brothers, let's call him Spazz, has dropped off his V6 for me to babysit. He has a Nonopotchi named Cassaran, and usually his stress is really high, but it's currently only at 10. The other brother, who I've dubbed The Tall One, bought a battery off me, and has a Hoshitchi on his V2. He hasn't raised a Tama in forever, and has no idea what he's doing. He keeps coming to me for advice. Haha! Frost started to roll around on the floor, while Cassaran practiced his guitar. Plugging in my Mametchi figurine, I had my TamaGo run the toy store for a bit. Music city is down, so we won't be getting any gotchi that way. Speaking of gotchi, Cassaran (wo was playing with his sail boat, in an apparent attempt to undo the practice earlier) is fairly broke. I may have to give him some food. That's fine, Lisha's loaded. Like, multi-millionare loaded. 4 generations of 1st-ranked music stars are behind that. Aha, a customer! They bought a ball for 500. Another customer, they bought a bunny costume for a whopping 5,800. The next two customers didn't buy anything. Found some Maracas in Tear's inventory. Alas, Lisha's band is full. Sorry, Tear. Mametchi went to take a shower, and Yumi has mail again. Here's hoping it's not poop... OMG IT'S THE KING He gave us some honey! Chibi followed Mametchi's example and hopped in the bath. Cassaran is playing again... And Spazz wonders why his music stats are so low. Lisha's... gone to bed already? At 6:35? After checking her clock, I found that it was set 2 hours early. Oops Tororotchi's looking in the fridge... I think it's about time for dinner, and lots of hungry Tamas. Lisha played for the critics again. Again, X-ed! Let's go get your skills up... Bought a Treasure Chest at the V3 store. Uppon opening it, it transformed Chibi into an Oyajitchi! He went back to normal, but all his hearts were empty. Nasty chest! Meanwhile, Lisha and Cassaran go take showers before bed, and Tororotchi is raiding the fridge again. The Tall One came up to my room again. He's trying to win Bumb. A fruitless endeavor, if yoy ask me. The only way to win Bumb is if your Tama's really fat. Frost started crying. Sad sad tama! I praise thee, sad tama! Cry no more! Gain a training point! Meanwhle, Chibi's yawning. I hope they start going to bed soon. Aww, now Yumi's crying. More praises. Frost, Yumi, and Chibi have gone to bed at 8. 3 down, 5 to go! Alrighty, go Yumi's music stats up to 700. Let's see the critics complain now. Played with Mametchi's robot claw... That ended badly. He got a... something... dropped on his head. Sorry! Afterwards, Tear took a bath. Mametchi went to bed at 8:45, and Cassaran and the Gimpy Triplets went to bed at 9. Now it's just Tear. Soon, please, I'm sleepy 9:30 Please... 9:45 PLEASE...! 10 pm! Finally! Tear, you stay up too late...
  9. I go crazy. And not just over Tamas, pretty much anything I order. I check the doorstep, and the mailbox, even on days when the mail truck doesn't come. Then I feel dissapointed. Then I do lots of internets to try and keep me occupied. It never works.
  10. Running 7 tamas. All at once. That's the most I've ever done.

    1. Miriam


      7!? I can only run 2, maybe 3, at a time. How do you do that?

    2. Pikachi


      I'm not sure yet, I've only just started! XD It helps that I'm not in school at the moment, so I have a lot of free time...

  11. I've never had any of mine make screetchy noises, but when my V1's battery gets really low, it starts making a constant, high-pitched beep, kind of like the mosquito noise. Drives me nuts. Also, V5s just seem to have a problem with saving characters when the battery dies. Mine always resets.
  12. I sort of improvised a solution using rubber cement. The stuff's nice and flexible, but also holds well, so I'm hoping it will work. Just need to get a battery and see if it works!
  13. So I know it's possible to "fix" broken buttons by transplanting them from a different tama (I've even done it a few times)... but does anyone know how to fix the rubber bit itself? Basically my C button for my v5 broke off the main part. Super Glue didn't work, it wasn't flexible enough and the button just broke off again. Any ideas?
  14. There is an online course for the language I want to learn (Sarus), but it only does beginner lessons, and the creator of the language is too busy doing other things (namely recovering from major surgery, but also creating a video game) to write the intermediate course, so I'm sort of on my own at the moment. On top of that, it's not a widely-known fictional language like Klingon or "elvish" (of which there are at least 8 different versions from different worlds and franchises), so it has a relatively small fanbase, which makes it hard to find resources for. Also, I have the crummiest study habits XD
  15. I did not know that about Arceus. That makes me feel a little better XD Now I'll go EV train my Arceus, too! I totally failed to take abilities into account D: Oops. Trainer Fail Moment. I think I will go look at that website. I wanted to do Nationals as sort of a half-thought-through kind of decision, but I think it's clear that I need to do my homework XD Otherwise, I will be squished. Like a Weedle.