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  1. erm... no. I'm not going to risk the debugging thing. But resetting will work. I suppose my only issue tho is in subsequent generations the tamas could be male, but I guess girly girl would have to cope! Thanks anyway.
  2. Is it possible to choose your tama's gender? Not sure if it matters, but we own a v4.5. (Not even opened yet) My daughter received a tama for her birthday, and as she is SUCH a girly girl, she only wants to raise a girl. Can this be done? Thanks!
  3. Thanks to Tamatalk, I'm helping my kids get more fun out of their v4.5 tamas. There's so much not in the instructions that we've discovered! Anyway, we're going to get a new v4.5 for a gift, and since she is SUCH a girly-girl, I wonder if we can make it be a female tamagotchi? Can you choose a tama's gender? Thanks for all the help!