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  1. Tamagotchi's Name: Keto Tamagotchi's Age: 5 Date of Birth: 22 july 2008 Date of Passing: 27 july 2008 What Generation? 1g Your Comments: i loved him he was a tensachi and then a cousing comed to house whe connected them and bam he haved a stupid baby and the next day he wasnt on the tamagotchi there was only a stupid babytchi!!
  2. sorry if i maked bad the poll is the first time i make one LoL
  3. im a boy and im proud of it cause i dont have to wear dresses LOL
  4. LOL im a mametchi from mametown from the mamemame lab!! i wanted to be tensaitchi!! awww
  5. LOL i hear beeps everyware and i take care of 4 mimitchis 3 mametchis and one ura violetchI!! they are 1 version 1 1 version 2 2 version 3 3 version 4 and 1 version 4.5
  6. LOL thank i luv ichigotchi too so wannna be my friend??
  7. does someone know where can i get a angelgotchi and a devilgotchi tooo please i need help!! thanks to everyone!!