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  1. I allready said I'll take a photo.
  2. Biga


    At my school you learn to play the recorder in third grade.
  3. I made a picture of what the first secret screen looked like:
  4. Im not making this up! The rom test reset my tamagotchi.
  5. I did a rom test and it said ROM OK but the egg was in the corner of the screen instead of the middle.
  6. This is the craziest thing ever, But it happened.
  7. I forgot about the time when I got dirt in the screen! Wait... Then I opened it up and fixed it... Um... I mean my brother fixed it....... Oh, I did that 3 years ago. Last year I did a rom test and it eorked properly.
  8. I diddn't have all the pixel chixs at the same time. It was like... I had a pixel chix and in 3 minutes-2 days it broke and I extanged it for a new one...
  9. [COLOUR=Mametchi]It's too hard to do the whole log in color so I might do the log in Mametchi or black.[/color] That was random. But I AM going to be doing the whole log in black. Nothing much has happened with my tamas. I'm waiting for a tama to evolve. Bor-ing!!
  10. Mametchi's can be girls if they are V3-
  11. Hi! These color's look bad togather so here are the new ones: This is the shared color and the color for the log stuff This is for my V3. This is for my V4. Status: Still asleep. Status: Still asleep
  12. Nope. I haven't put it close to magnetic devices. I don't have any younger siblings. No. I out it in a place where it wouldn't fall.
  13. Tama princess, •Drop it offten No •Contact with liquids [Waters..] No •Play With the Inside of your Tama [Where Battery is Placed] No •Debugged your Tama No •Wrong Battery No