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  1. Brendon and Ryan are wayyy cuter. =0 I still think they're cute though. Then again, I think guys all guys with dark hair are cute for the most part.
  2. That's funny. All the hickeys I've given/recieved were from bites.
  3. You all would die if you heard how annoying I sound in real life. >.>;; My voice + my speech + my catchphrases = x__x;; Me: Lyk, whatcha' doing today. I'm lyk, going to hang out with NayNay. Un. Friend: I come? Me: m'kay, lyk, sure you can. Un.
  4. I'm going to there concert when they come where I live later this month. I'm really looking foward to it. I happen to have lawn seats like you did. Good thing my camera zooms really far in...
  5. It sounds like it was fantastic. I'm glad you had a awesome time. ^^ Exactly where were your seats?
  6. I once went in Abercrombie just to browse and they had a normal gray hoodie that said 'Abercrombie and Fitch' on it for about $50. I could go to Taget and get an even better jacket for a lot cheaper. If my brother I spent $50 on every shirt/hoodie/pair of jeans we own then my family would be broke.
  7. Yes, I have heard of Lucky Star. The series is so pointless, that's probably why it's so entertaining though. It's definitely one of the better anime series out there. It's in my top 10 for sure.
  8. ^ That is quite an interesting video. Links;; About everyone's seen this by now [PG-13] This may call for a proper introduction‚ô•[G]
  9. There clothing isn't really my style. Everything there seems to be overpriced too. There's nothing wrong with shopping there and there's nothing wrong with not shopping there.