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  1. Those are all good ideas, my grandma thinks they're dumb too.
  2. Thanks... That's another way!!! You rock!
  3. Thanks guys!! One day my grandma was just playing with me and she said that Tamagotchis are stupid... so i burst out crying.
  4. Well I forgot we have to hatch our Tamas on the same day!! Dang!! I'm so sorry. This is my first time to be in a group hatch.
  5. Well when I go to Tamatown, it takes a long time for things to load.
  6. Your welcome. And how is this the wrong forum?
  7. Before I even start the group, I must have at least one girl and one boy tama. My tama is a boy so far and is 1 year old. Please send me a message if you want to join!!
  8. If you've been asking your parent for a Tamagotchi and they keep saying no, I think I have a way to convince them. Plan A: Tell them that te Tamagotchi will keep you busy. Plan B: Tell them that it will teach you responsibillity. Plan C: Break down & cry. Hope I helped. If you have anymore ways, just post it here!!!
  9. If you have a baby tama, I think that you should at least check on it every 15 minutes because my baby tama is harder to take care of than my adult tama... Hope I Helped!!!