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  1. theres videos on youtube on how to debug a tamagotchi...they might help you
  2. o.o im so envious! you have 24?!?!?! i only have one! XD
  3. how do you get a pet anyway?!? i have been wondering that for a while now...
  4. i got mine like....4 or 5 days ago...i have one more day until they are able to use the datting show... [[hotteatchi]] [[memetchi]] [[kuchipatchi]] i cant decide which to "marry off"
  5. what would be the best partner for my hotteatchi??
  6. thank you so much! i appriciate your help!!
  7. i understand where you are comming from they do overdo it a bit...i kind of like it though.... the site has changed a lot too... it kind of gets on my nerves that you have to sign out everytime your done with a game... the items have jacked up on prices also...
  8. ok so my tamagotchis transformed, i thought they were adults but apparently they are teenagers.... [[hotteatchi, memetchi, and kuchipatchi]] this morning i tried to use the datting show but it didnt work.... i really want to move onto the next generation....does anyone know how long it takes for teenagers to transform into adults?!! or have a way to make them transform faster? it would be greatly appriciated!! thnx much!
  9. thanks everyone i now have 100% of bonding thanks for all your help!
  10. lol yes it does.... so what your saying is that if i use the same item a whole bunch of times then it will increase my bond?
  11. NARUTO!!!! X3 Inuyasha is cool too....OH!! and Fruits Basket!!! but the fruits basket manga goes WAY farther than the anime....kinda sux -.- but yeah i'd say my #1 anime would have to be naruto :D