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  1. erm... nyatchi is only a temporary character
  2. thats a super good idea. (no really, it is) well, i thought up of yet another character. actually 2. mousetchi(boy) mousiitchi(girl) they look like the same but the girl version has a ribbon on the head.
  3. that happened to me loads of time and the battery was new. but the glitch will work when i drop it. thats why i take really good care of it and put on the couch whenever possible
  4. im kinda annoyed with the way u talk but that happened to me sometimes.
  5. wad?! that means i need a new one. my tama keeps on reseting itself when i drop it even if it is at a droppable height!
  6. that sort of happened to me before, my tama is 0 years old but it has all the games. and its a young mametchi.
  7. oh.. i didnt knew that. i dont own a v4.5. i own a v4. here is another character i thought of: she is called fairytchi, she will look like a fairy and one of the easiest character to get. maybe bandai could combine all the characters from all tamas made (including angels and devils and whatever!) it would be awesome
  8. i had a repeting dream. it wasnt scary. it was wierd. i dreamt that my mum drove me somewhere, then she opened the car door and left. then, my mum gave me the car keys and told me to drive, that instant, i was transported to the drivers seat and i started driving the car, ALONE! then the car crashed into a tree. another wierd dream was that there was this table with a huge button on it. me and some other people surrounded the table and started pressing the button. then, my auntie woke me up and i was still in dreamland, i hit the button real hard and said GODD BYE! then, i shot up from my bed like as if someone threw cold water at me. it was wierd. i told my fren that and she was laughing like hell. i did get a scary dream once. it scared my precious life out of me. i woke up with sweat and i was shivering like hell
  9. my computer was worse, u see, i played maplestory the day before for at least 11 hours! with in between breaks. then the next day, my sister went to use it a nd she could smell something horrid burning(the computer) and she saw smoke come out from the coputer! it was freaky
  10. lol! when i was small, i did'nt know how to write, all i wrote was squiggles and lines and then i wrote YES/NO.. it sure was funny! i love barbie dolls in the past. i usually dressed them up, gave them a shower and played with them n their stupid car. i used to have a bunny that had a carrot next to it. if u pull it, the bunny will shake. its a toy
  11. my whole family exept my dad and mum, think tamas are just toys that beep and irritate people. my mum doesnt care about them while my dad sometimes play wif mine if i juz threw it on the couch. here is my way of getting a tama i show my dad a toy catalogue with a tama toy in it and keep saying, "i want tamagotchi!" reapetedly. another way is, i juz beg him over and over and he will buy it.
  12. i voted chamametchi, mametchi's little sister. to admit it, i think chamametchi is cuter than mametchi, but still, i love them all! BTW, my tama is turning into a mametchi! (with my calculations, there is a 70% chance of it turning into mametchi)
  13. thanks! maybe bandai could make a young violetchi. that would be neat. and.. if someone is the moderator, you can move it to the suggestion forum. im kinda new so i dunt really no where this topic should be. good luck!
  14. i wish bandai allowed us to create a tamagotchi character for the next version of tamagotchi connection ( say, V6? ). i mean... i do get bored with the old characters. like have a competition and the winner will win THAT(V6) tamagotchi with the created character in it. post your views and what character would you create? by the way, if anyone finds this topic useless, u can close it. PS. if i would be able to create a character, it would be nekotchi (neko is cat in japanese) it would look like a cat and it will be one of the hardest character to get