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    Interests? Sure. I've got: Tamagotchi (of course), Legend of Zelda, dogs, Mimitchi, cacti, and arcades. <br><br>Merry Christmas! For Christmas I got a V3 Tamagotchi, a brand-new computer, an iPod,and a few other stuff.

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  1. I know how xXMrs. Nick JonasxX knew my name...
  2. Here's a little game that might be fun... at least a little. Click here to play!
  3. OH! OH! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHH! Guess my name... Hint: R_ _ _ _
  4. heh heh, sorry to say this, but, I HATE YO GABBA GABBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Great idea, but I have an idea... if you have a lanyard you could clip on your tama!
  6. my v5 started fighting because i forgot to pause it when i left for school and when i came back they were fighting. i dont get why
  7. ok my v5 started fighting!!! [/color:white] highlight this to see this message
  8. Mine overreacted because I forgot to pause it, but it's still alive
  9. Tamagotchi's Name: Bakutchi Tamagotchi's Age: Teenagers Date of Birth: I forgot... Date of Passing: 8 July 08 What Generation? 1G I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU!
  10. Keeping the sound on and checking on it every fifteen minutes are very great ideas! antwatternoxx, greenalmonds, thank you for the tip!
  11. i m on g3 i rilly want a new generation. ryantchi
  12. i would create an inutchi *dog in japanese* i wub :o dogs!!! ryantchi
  13. my lil bro got a 5.5 for his birthday it is just like the 5!