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  1. odd that it doesn't say it in the game or on the package....le sigh ...i want codes! lol
  2. so you think i have the 5.5?! how COOL!!! i did have the Active family at first and then i left the poor thing at home while i went to work yesterday...so they became the Model Family. i mated to a mametchi and got a mousetchi! neaaaatoooo!!! so now it's up to me to dig up codes huh? i'm horrible at that sort of thing but i'll do what i can! but for now, i'm off to work! thanks for the help!! -Kit the celebrity Tamagotchi makes sense since one of my games is Tama Fan or something like that, where i sign autographs and answer mail...SO cool!!! now i'm excited, lol me = nerd!
  3. I just bought my Tamagotchi a week ago. It says it's a version 5 but it's different than the one my best friend has. It has different games and food items and everything! Also the codes won't work in the "special" category. i'm sad! anyone have any ideas? -Kit