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  1. OK, maybe I'm just stupid, but I cannot figure out how to get the battery door off of this sucker! I got him in the mail today and pulled the tab and he seems to work just fine except that his screen is really dim unless I tilt him to an extreme angle. I'm thinking that the batteries need to be changed. No big deal, right? Not so much. Anyone know how the heck to get the battery door off? Does it take a special screwdriver or is there something else I can use? And while I'm at it, does anyone know what kind of batteries these Dinkie-style pets use? I'm totally clueless when it comes to these guys!
  2. I have an American P2 (white with red buttons and green accents), a clear Japanese Umi No, and a a blue Japanese Mothra. Those are my only ancestors...for now.
  3. "Hubert Cumberdale, you taste like soot and poo." Oh man, I love Salad Fingers. Actually, I love anything David Firth and Co. come up with. Genius, I tell you!
  4. That's Kujakutchi. You can check the following link to see all the possible evolutions:
  5. I had the same dilemma for about 2 minutes, until I found myself ripping open the box and untabbing that sucker without even a second of hesitation. I think you made a good choice. There are always others out there if you decide you want to collect later, but there's just something special about the older Ancestors.
  6. I believe you have a P2, but I could be mistaken. Look at the screen background and you should be able to tell; the P1 has a checkerboard pattern, and the P2 has a kind of wavy looking background. The game is also different on the P1 and P2s. The P1 game is where you guess which direction your tama will look, and the P2 game is a "higher or lower" number game. You'll need two (2) LR44 batteries to get him up and running. These can usually be found in the battery display at your local superstore or toy store. I've got no idea about the screws, but I'm sure you could take him to the hardware store and find someone there who could help you identify what size screws you'll need. Iceringer is correct about the sound being turned off with A and C. You'll hear a rather high-pitched melodic beeping when it's done correctly, and your tama should make no noise when scrolling through the icons. Also, even though the older Ancestors don't have a defined "pause" feature, you can suspend their life-cycle being pressing the B button to bring up the time screen, then pressing the A and C buttons at the same time. You should see the word "SET" below the time display at this point. From here, you can reset the time, or you can use it as a sort of impromptu pause feature.
  7. The older tamas are my favorite, because they're simpler and because they seem to live longer. I currently have a P2 and a V3 running, and will be getting a Mothra and an Umi No in the mail soon. There's just too much going on with the newer tamas. School and job and and all these rare souvenir items you have to go to TamaTown to seems like the characters aren't really based on care anymore. You can totally neglect them, but as long as you put them in school, it's fine! I don't like that very much. I prefer my simpler tamas.
  8. You can change the time whenever you want and you can always change it back to whatever is current or current. Like iceringer said, make sure that no icons are selected and then press the B button; this will bring the time screen up. From there, press A and C at the same time, and the word "SET" should come up just below there the time is displayed. Use B to scroll down to the "hour" section of the time; use A to scroll through the options, and B to "select" it. Do the same for the minutes, and you're done! To get back to your tamas regular screen, simply push B again.
  9. I don't know of any way to wake up a tama after it's asleep, unless you reset the time to when your tama would normally be awake.
  10. Also, what time is the clock on your tama set to? Is it possible that it simply evolved and then fell asleep? If it was a baby and just evolved into a toddler, this is probably what happened. If that's not it, can you tell us what version your toy is and how old your tama character is? Like iceringer said, maybe that will help figure it out.
  11. It doesn't matter if you're a kid or an adult, someone's always going to have something to say. If you like Tamagotchis, then why shouldn't you play with them? Does what other people think matter enough to make you give up something you enjoy? I'm 20 and I still drag mine to work with me. They kill time when it's slow, and they give me an excuse to take a break every now and then and just clear my head. I've never had someone be rude to my face about it, but I'm sure there are comments made behind my back. But do I really care? Nope! Don't give others the power to control your interests. Do what makes you happy and everyone else can like it or lump it!
  12. As far as I know, the V5.5 is NOT out yet. The Celebrity is just another version of the V5, like the Royal. I may be wrong though, and I'm sure someone will correct me if I am.
  13. Explain to your parents that raising Tamagotchi can teach you responsibility, dedication, and time management. If it's the annoying beeping that bothers your parents, tell them that you can turn the sound off, and even pause them if you have homework or something else that you have to do instead. Also, try saving your own money until you can buy your own Tamagotchi. This shows your parents that you're willing to save up for something that means a lot to you, and proves that it's not something you just want on a whim. Crying or begging may not be such a good idea; it always back-fired against me when I was little. If you want to prove to your parents that you deserve something you want, I think your best bet is to show that you're serious about it and go about it in a responsible way.
  14. The Ninja Family happens when you feed your tama, but neglect it's "happy" hearts by not playing with it to keep it happy. To change it back to normal, feed a snack of steamed bun, or play with the whistle. You can get these items by entering special codes, which can be found at the following link: You do not have to use both the steamed bun and whistle; only one or the other will work just fine, and your family should be back to normal!