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  1. We have uniforms here... I don't mind wearing them except for the fact that I live in the tropics and the material makes me feel even more hot! GRRRR!
  2. I can't pledge cuz i'm international! lol. I'm being serious though.
  3. To be honest with you, when I got my first music star I thought it was annoying! I makes wayyy more beeps than the others! I say v4
  4. I totally took apart some other versions (and forgot how to put it back together ). I'm gonna try it with a v6. Wish me luck!
  5. My mom doesn't have a problem and I sneak it into school and my mom knows that. My dad says I'm too old for them but who cares what he thinks! I'm 14 btw
  6. I do! I went by my cousins for christmas and they got me a v1. I had no idea what it was. I thought its poop was the little hershey's kisses. Every time it turned into an adult I'd reset it. One day the matchmaker came and I got all excited and realized I didn't need to reset it. Yeah.... So, what about you guys?
  7. My tama has the music icon highlighted but when I click it he shakes his head. Help!?
  8. I like the old one more. The new one is just too........ ugh!
  9. One's invisible and one's glowing