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  1. Agh. What does he transform into?? Can someone help me???
  2. it looks like a peacock. Its pink and it evolved from the chestnut child. Im confused! Help?
  3. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm this happened to my friend exept it wasent a ojitchi it was a mimagotchi. he said his game was glitched. I can ask him to what he did to fix it? Ill edit when i find out
  4. I dont pause yet cus its not time for school yet. i dont pause it
  5. well i checked the evolving thing and my thing is still a toddler! i've had it for over a week! i checked the chart and it says in 1 day it'll transform!! No i do not go on tamatown alot so the game isnt paused! Help pleaseee!
  6. ITs not working for me! The 300 gold thing only appears once! edit:Nvm i read that its been patched when expo came out.
  7. im not sure but im pretty sure this is a glitch. As i know climb gives most humor points! When i play climb i get to 30 (the ending) Check my humor and it stays at 72! its a toddler btw Is that a max for toddlers?? i wanna get a ura mameigotchi so i've been playing climb alot instead of tug of war. Is it just disallowing me cus my stats arent even?? Humor:72 Intelligence:49 Strenth:45 Thanks alot! (this is kinda a glitch so i posted it here if its suppost to be in another topic then please a mod move this)
  8. This thing? WOW! I just bought one on ebay! XD I wonder when its gonna come in. name: charlie country: USA comments: Not much. I havent even tried it i just wish it would go back into retail stores.
  9. i can only get the the funny one though You be a chestnut to turn into it
  10. this one! How should i take care of it? Im asking this cus theres another one that says help me get itagotchi. =) Thanks
  11. How do i do that? :/ Can i change it back later?
  12. Is it possible for me to wake up a 4.5 tamagotchi? If so can someone tell me how? I wanna go on tamatown but hes sleeping!