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  1. oh my gosh i have a yasashii and it's blue and it's sealed in package and it's beautiful and it's huge and it's ahh

    1. ammonride


      YAY! Im so excited for you!

  2. Guess who bought a NIP Blue Yasashii?

    1. *Hayden*


      Was that the one on YJA? haha

    2. SamJJE101
    3. Jade27


      Are you going to open it?

  3. I'm now the proud owner of an in package US Ocean and Santaclautch >w

    1. graficks


      OMG! Congrats!

  4. IT CAME IT CAME IT CAME this is not a drill

  5. Received my V2 twin pack in the mail! *excited*

    1. RubyLullaby


      Woooow nice (*o*)

  6. It's great to see someone eager to help spread knowledge about Tamagotchi releases. Unfortunately, we don't allow these type of "Come to me for answers!" threads here. If somebody has a specific inquiry, they can ask it themselves in a separate thread or search through the FAQ to see if it's already been answered before. You can read more on why these threads aren't allowed here: Topic Locked
  7. I might consider getting one of these... but I've already spent so much lately I'll have to give it a lot of thought!
  8. I think I just had a Tama midlife crisis.

    1. Flare.exe


      Lol, what's a tama midlife crisis?

    2. SamJJE101


      I may or may not have purchased a Santaclautchi and a US Ocean in the same week...

    3. SailorRosette