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Welcome to my profile page! :)

I'm SamJJE101 - TamaTalk Guide, Tama Zone Moderator and TamaCraze Administrator. I've been collecting Tamagotchis since December 2004, when the Tamagotchi Connexion was first released in Australia. My collection currently consists of over 60 Tamagotchi, and while I'm on a bit of a hiatus at the moment, I'm hoping to build on this number in the years to come!

I've been among the online Tamagotchi scene since 2006, when I first registered to TamaTalk (under a different account), TamaCraze and later Tama Zone in 2007. I then re-registered to TamaTalk back in 2008, under my newer, more familiar username SamJJE101.

Although I'm not sure where I'm going in life, I know that I'll never forget what Tamagotchi has given me, and the things that I've achieved and friendships that I've made all because of these loveable virtual pets.

If you get a chance, please check out my Tamagotchi fan-forum, TamaCraze:

See you 'round TamaTalk,