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    Tamagotchi/Digital Pet collecting. Precure/Pretty Cure. MahoShoju.
    Baking. Unique arts with toys.

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    ScruffaLuvs. Furreal Friends. Tamagotchi. Sailor moon Precure. Wands. Cats. PikmiPets. Way more stuff...

    See my twitter @enchanteeevee .I'm attempting to keep... cause pictures are fun...and spammy.
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    Memetchi, Melodytchi, Chiffon.
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  1. Nah... I am not bribing ... just have a weird schedule. Sometimes random.
  2. Nah... lol. Precure is getting subbed online, in some regular places. Definitely watch it... lots of us have time now. Derp.
  3. You guys need to team up... faster. I have been watching.
  4. Ok. Won’t stop your momentum. 🙃
  5. Hey come on... I wanna learn to count again! Lol. You have all morning from me being at work....
  6. Ya I know. I can be ... spooky. Halloween is coming, too. . .
  7. Lol. Busy... but... I watch... silently.
  8. I have been. Extra long days at work. bloop.
  9. Notifications my friends. ❤️