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  1. Hiya! I recently bought a kyubey vynil and neptune liprod proplica. I have finally got a "My Life" console, password puppy and a few mini tamas. My Furreal Friend Ricky husky! Adorable! Also have RockaToo, but that was a in-store purchase. Actually lots of Furreals have come in the mail. Ricky & Biskit being two of my many faves.
  2. Howdy guys! Miss you all! Newest pikmi pets make awesome case for tamas!

  3. Hiya! I miss you guys!

  4. Hi and Happy Birthday! Have a great day :)

  5. Ha.... power is out when I got home. So is the stoplight outside a bit... atleadt its something to watch...

  6. Okay... folded and finally bought a shelby furby and robo baby. Then KiraKira Precure a la mode candy rod/ henshin pact dx with parfait pieces.
  7. As far as copyright/fake connection(ect) non tamas go... Bandai likely sees it as backwards advetising. As in, they get nastalgic about reading tamagitchi... they search for it or buy that... and then go for a real one. Sometimes its cheaper to let somethings go. Bandai does know about these "scam"
  8. I'm a bit rusty but neko-cha comes to mind. They had a few different shells. Ebay is pretty helpful if you dont mind searching that way.
  9. O kay... more pazcki.

  10. Haha aww ya... um. White pink robotchi meowchi. Mirai scope. Hugtto precure heart/henshin dx set. Happiness Charge dx set (phone/henshin and bracelet) Nintendo Switch... via the store. Lol.
  11. *waves* The paczki are done... finally. The bakery life

    1. Jhud


      As a Pole I apologize that you guys gotta deal with tons of pączki, as delicious as they are lol

    2. SailorRosette


      Its mostly because we have to powder by hand (I do it enough to get a even cover without too much excess) and only a few glazing screens. Lucky for us we are one of the few stores with a glazing tub/thing... wrapping is awfully messy. Lol. We def need a pin/badge that says I survived paczki day.

    3. SailorRosette
  12. I just got a Mirai scope and I was hoping someone could help. Cant read the text and its text heavy... does anyone have a translation of the 50 question? Im pretty sure the Human player is different questions... idk. Oh and Hi! Lol. Bakery life and pazcki