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  1. That was pretty much what I did all week since we got locked down next day. I am trying to keep playing it every day. I thought I had the internet pass but apparently do not. So I am just working on getting things to share later. Payed off Nook twice now. To the part where I am getting my new neighbors. Although, being essential though... it’s random how long I play.
  2. Keep trying. Bluetooth isn’t always going to work for everything. It’s been around for a longtime, but still has imperfections. I do hope you get it figured out! @CheeWaWa I don’t think windows supports the app. I think it’s smartphones, tablets only, beyond that it needs Bluetooth compatibility. If you get in on windows 10, I would be highly surprised. My netbook has windows 10 and a really old set of apps that have/will never/barely get updated. (MLP being one)
  3. I would not actually recommend bending the battery contact.... get a piece of art foam and cut it to size. Then put it on top of the battery and close it up. I had to do this with one of mine. Be sure to make sure it’s is a cr2032, not a cr2025. They both work, but 25 is thinner and will be used more quickly due to charge imput.
  4. I know this might be a long shot, but can you pair your tama like you pair headphones or speakers? I use Bluetooth on my phone for Tamas or whatever. I have never have had much luck with Bluetooth, I use a netbook though when I have issues. pop details open?
  5. I believe admin can only change it. If you want to have a new username, you could always make a new account, just don’t keep making a bunch. Settle on one account to be on and Admin can likely close the one you don’t want anymore.

    1. TamaGotchiGurl7


      Hmmm. No need :P

  6. Check Bluetooth is on... also, check how much is actually running on your computer. So if you have extra stuff open like music, cds, internet windows..etc, maybe close some stuff out. Make sure it’s finished all it’s start up stuff. Make sure antivirus is done because that sucks up a far amount of “do power” It could also be a firewall sort of issue, which is beyond my knowledge (for good reason)
  7. When running both English and Japanese versions... I rarely caught it doing that. It seems fairly random to me. I think it’s more like an adult stage thing. It’s been a while since I have ran an angel since I have a hard time activating the motion. I think it does a call for attention and it’s quick. Part of it helps if you have sound on, which I rarely do on older editions.
  8. I wasn’t sure I was going to buy it. My last round of AC was Wii, City Folk. I played it off and on but it turned into something to make me tired before bed... and a battery eater for the controller. I did end up buying it to have something to do during my vacation/pandemic week... (or whatever...) I had a good time with it so far, but once it gets to a certain point with builds/characters being in the town... idk what it will be then. It’s a good game to keep me busy for the time being. I have oranges (and soon coconuts/apples) for now. Still working on the basics.
  9. Hi guys! 🤗

  10. Got my Woobo a few days ago. It's pretty cute. Given it's for the younger crowd, its entertaining to play with, ask questions... Etc. 

    1. Eggiweg


      Nice, it sounds like an interesting gadget.  I'm curious about what the question and answer functionality is like, how complex are the answers?

    2. wameed98


      quite an interesting little device I must say

  11. I just bought a Woobo. Not adulting? I can't wait. Heard too much about these to not have one yet.🙃

  12. Ahh... So I'm not loosing it... Like that surf game. Gotta get way too much button mashing for any surfing to occur... Even a quick bump of water would be better then Tama getting mad... I'm thinking about it. Just hope the games are different and more simple to play. I feel like some of the color games involve too much focus... Waiting still to see more features/etc.
  13. Jeeze yes. Everyone had one and those who didn't... They clammered over us whom had them to admire them. When they died ... Somekids had "funerals" for them. Something to listen for because some of the "funeral holders" gave outrageous speeches. Teachers watched (and listened) so often it was normal to have them on the playground hovering over us. (As they would say, highly entertaining speeches to hear.) Some kids really did take it hard though. A few teachers took part and actually recommended journals about our "pets" and writing stories. Corse, I nearly flipped my lid (honestly) about the flat-line sound when the new "classic" editions died. Now, I do not recall my original having such a sound when they died. I typically have sound off on my tamas and never really had sound on as a kid on my original Tama... but this shocked me. If the kids of this Tama generation hear this... Do they get a worse feeling then just having it pass on? Being familiar with hospital sounds... This...was... Not a good idea...