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  1. A rosette is actually a flower encased in glass. (Well my inspiration of rosette) But ya. I showed up. Again. 🧐
  2. Humm. I believe it was honestly my Digimon Tamers (USA) digivice. One I purchased, the Pink Original Hikari Digivice as well as my Blue (USA with gatomon) Tamagotchi... when I got my own first color tama, the white id L. of things I don’t have... the Italian Precure Card Commune. I have a original, but the queen card isn’t included. Sigh, so maybe that too.
  3. What about visiting the app if you are able? Or connecting with another tamagotchi if you can find another person/have another....? Maybe you can change the room style for you tama.
  4. I found a Furreal North Sabertooth Kitty. I love it... so very cute. Ahh! 

  5. I’m sitting around playing with this leapfrog twist game... with all the eggs. Derp. I’m an adult playing something aimed very young. Oh well, got it for the “pets” inside... and clearance. 

  6. I missed out/ didn’t buy new leaf. When I would look for it, it wasn’t available for me to find and the house builder, idk... I might get those later but Horizon seems to be nice. I can find used at decent price now. (Off topic: Unlike Jhoto/SS/HG...) My favorite right now seems to be KidCat, reminds me of power ranger. Lol.
  7. I have my neighbors in town, set up a campsite... then thought... how is my Wild World doing? Graphics for one is way different. Weeds everywhere, which is no surprise. All my characters still there and couldn’t tell me how long it has been... To see all the updates from Wild World to New Horizons is huge. Never would I expect so much from a 2005 to a 2020 game. Seeing the Sim version character verse the Wii-Mii type is weird too. Pixelatation.
  8. I was old enough as a kid to remember all the hype/tv commercials about tamagotchi. Again in the 2000s and then Tama-On... but all the new stations/adults whom were already adults (in my opinion) keep referring to the first release in the 90s, never the 2000s... or the Japanese ones ... meh. Drives me a bit crazy...

    1. Purimatchi!


      It is obvious that the news articles are reused or recycled with the 90's hype and trying to stir up the nostalgia. I remember when they were trying to push the whole Tamagotchi L.I.F.E. campaign and really push the old sprites and the app where it was a simulation of the original P1 and eventually P2. anyway, all that to say that I understand that is Bandai's way of capitalizing on the breakout successes of the initial release and the V3's/ connection era's. I'm hoping that the colored release of the On is going to stick in the news outlet's minds and when they refer to the brand in the future it isn't JUST about the trend that started it all back in the 90's. The brand has evolved and done so much more than what it started as, but the headlines indicate that the author knows only what they are told by Bandai in the interview or what they quickly Google search ... Being that the Tamagotchi On is doing well in Bandai's perspective, I am sure that this may be a turning point for the brand! Whether it was the colored screen novelty to the English market or the mixing element also debuting for the first time in the English market. Though it isn't blowing up the same way that the initial ones did where EVERYBODY had one, it is being bought for mostly kids at ~60% of the users and ~40% adults. This means that Bandai may realize that there is a door for a mix up in their typical marketing of the device. (although it has almost solely gone to kids and female, as opposed to being a little more open). Anyway, I'll stop, because I could talk about this kind of stuff forever.

  9. I have been so busy the last few days ahh. Great news for something to look forward to! It came up in a google search not about tamagotchi so... glad to know Tamagotchi On is having success!