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    In my Sock Drawer
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    Tamagotchi/Digital Pet collecting. Precure/Pretty Cure. MahoShoju.
    Baking. Unique arts with toys.

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    ScruffaLuvs. Furreal Friends. Tamagotchi. Sailor moon Precure. Wands. Cats. PikmiPets. Way more stuff...

    See my twitter @enchanteeevee .I'm attempting to keep... cause pictures are fun...and spammy.
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    V2, P2
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    Memetchi, Melodytchi, Chiffon.
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    Tamagotchi, The Life of a busy bakery cook!

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Favorite stuff: Precure, Sailormoon, MadokaMagica, OjamajoDoremi, RozenMaiden, Digimon, EverAfterHigh, MonsterHigh,TokyoMewMew, Tamagotchi, LittlestPetShop, MyLittlePony, Pokémon, YokaiWatch, YukiYunaIsAHero

Things: collecting digital pets, bjd dolls, reading manga/magical girl type books. Sewing, drawing.

Places: Not in a sock drawer.

Sounds: pop, dance, electronica, violins, classical, techno, anime, other random music.

Rush Hour: Panic is fun only when you have a monster chasing after you, you just went on the freakiest ride ever and you just spelt ketchup all over you while holding a butter knife in front of children.

Answers: Yes, I would like fries with that. Only if you want to loose a limb. Totally serious deary.

Cookies: Bring me all the Oreos, sugar cookies and gingerbread men and maybe a pumpkin pie.

Mp3Player: I don't Whistle While I Work, I bake cookies instead. I work in a bakery. Its hard work and keeps me super busy at times, but I try to make the best of it. Made some amazing friends and love seeing them. I do one of the most important tasks, typically. besides cooking it anyway, lol.