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  1. Got my Woobo a few days ago. It's pretty cute. Given it's for the younger crowd, its entertaining to play with, ask questions... Etc. 

    1. Eggiweg


      Nice, it sounds like an interesting gadget.  I'm curious about what the question and answer functionality is like, how complex are the answers?

    2. wameed98


      quite an interesting little device I must say

  2. I just bought a Woobo. Not adulting? I can't wait. Heard too much about these to not have one yet.🙃

  3. Ahh... So I'm not loosing it... Like that surf game. Gotta get way too much button mashing for any surfing to occur... Even a quick bump of water would be better then Tama getting mad... I'm thinking about it. Just hope the games are different and more simple to play. I feel like some of the color games involve too much focus... Waiting still to see more features/etc.
  4. Jeeze yes. Everyone had one and those who didn't... They clammered over us whom had them to admire them. When they died ... Somekids had "funerals" for them. Something to listen for because some of the "funeral holders" gave outrageous speeches. Teachers watched (and listened) so often it was normal to have them on the playground hovering over us. (As they would say, highly entertaining speeches to hear.) Some kids really did take it hard though. A few teachers took part and actually recommended journals about our "pets" and writing stories. Corse, I nearly flipped my lid (honestly) about the flat-line sound when the new "classic" editions died. Now, I do not recall my original having such a sound when they died. I typically have sound off on my tamas and never really had sound on as a kid on my original Tama... but this shocked me. If the kids of this Tama generation hear this... Do they get a worse feeling then just having it pass on? Being familiar with hospital sounds... This...was... Not a good idea...
  5. I've considered getting a pastel version but I think I'm going to wait a but for actual play/images. My yellow meet does need another buddy. Haha.
  6. If it's a state to state in the USA. Usually up to 3 days, if you have a weekend maybe another day. International is usually a week or more. Depends on where it lands in customs. Plus transit. Here I am just guessing you are in the USA. (Customs for me is usually 3 days)
  7. Makes me think of Animal Jam or Club Penguin Apps. How they branch out from a mother website and are like children/child sites. The last few Twitter shares do. If they do a connection revamp... It would be interesting, but one would hope they finally try color. Even if they just use the same exact programming but color. It's been proven that color still sells. (Pokemon Pikachu/2) and definitely would bring back nostalgic feelings. Maybe more generalized stores might be a better choice for whatever is next? Gudetama is doing alright...
  8. That's why I didn't see the button. Good to know considering I am pretty much mobile now.
  9. If it's something you enjoy... Why sell it? We all go through phases of not enjoying what we once did. Then we come back and have the same love for what we once loved. If you are worried about the value, then protect it. Make/invest in a pouch or some sort of case. Every once in a while I do see the transparent pouches they made forever ago. Those are great and you can still play without much worry. If you were in regret to you previous sale, learn from the mistake. The choice of sale is up to you. Consider the Pierce too because those are costly anymore. Make sure you think about the sale completely if you are in that direction.
  10. Hiya guys and gals! Nya! 

    1. Miau



    2. TamaMum


      Hiiii!!!! :)


    3. LoversChariot


      Nya but with finesse

  11. I own a pink Eevee version. Still the first run Eevee. Its evolution for the first time is an Vaporeon. It's been roughly a month running.
  12. Did we get rid of mobile vs normal view for phones? Otherwise, I like it.
  13. Hiya! I recently bought a kyubey vynil and neptune liprod proplica. I have finally got a "My Life" console, password puppy and a few mini tamas. My Furreal Friend Ricky husky! Adorable! Also have RockaToo, but that was a in-store purchase. Actually lots of Furreals have come in the mail. Ricky & Biskit being two of my many faves.
  14. Howdy guys! Miss you all! Newest pikmi pets make awesome case for tamas!

  15. Hiya! I miss you guys!

  16. Ha.... power is out when I got home. So is the stoplight outside a bit... atleadt its something to watch...

  17. Okay... folded and finally bought a shelby furby and robo baby. Then KiraKira Precure a la mode candy rod/ henshin pact dx with parfait pieces.
  18. As far as copyright/fake connection(ect) non tamas go... Bandai likely sees it as backwards advetising. As in, they get nastalgic about reading tamagitchi... they search for it or buy that... and then go for a real one. Sometimes its cheaper to let somethings go. Bandai does know about these "scam"
  19. I'm a bit rusty but neko-cha comes to mind. They had a few different shells. Ebay is pretty helpful if you dont mind searching that way.
  20. O kay... more pazcki.

  21. Haha aww ya... um. White pink robotchi meowchi. Mirai scope. Hugtto precure heart/henshin dx set. Happiness Charge dx set (phone/henshin and bracelet) Nintendo Switch... via the store. Lol.
  22. *waves* The paczki are done... finally. The bakery life

    1. Jhud


      As a Pole I apologize that you guys gotta deal with tons of pączki, as delicious as they are lol

    2. SailorRosette


      Its mostly because we have to powder by hand (I do it enough to get a even cover without too much excess) and only a few glazing screens. Lucky for us we are one of the few stores with a glazing tub/thing... wrapping is awfully messy. Lol. We def need a pin/badge that says I survived paczki day.

    3. SailorRosette
  23. I just got a Mirai scope and I was hoping someone could help. Cant read the text and its text heavy... does anyone have a translation of the 50 question? Im pretty sure the Human player is different questions... idk. Oh and Hi! Lol. Bakery life and pazcki