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  1. 35-38 degrees celsius in my country. Feels like. . . I'm inside an oven or something. Good thing air conditioner was invented to save the day. -.-"
  2. Can't stand the summer heat. Ugh, Air conditioner you're a life saver. .>_<.>

  3. I am too lazy to go to school tomorrow :( argh. I need an inspiration badly. I've been acting quite weird this past few days.

  4. Very nice and cute here is my tamagotchi's house that I've made last March 31, 2010 then the finished product
  5. Well I have this Tamagotchi ID for almost 1 year .. but as times passed .. I'm getting bored at it ? can you hep me solve this out ? so that I can have a bonding with my Tama again ..
  6. A walk to remember ! best movie I've ever watched in my whole entire life .. Can't help my self to watch it over and over again !

  7. Next week will be my first day of being college .. I don't think I'm prepared to face this new life of mine .. I still want to be a senior student .. (am I too young to get on college at the age of 15 ??)

    1. PokemonKid


      If you got in at 15, then your ready for college! You'll probably be the top of your class! We support you!

    2. roxas831


      thank you very much

  8. OUCH !!! the whitening soap totally burned my face !!!

  9. Thanks for the tip .. :))

  10. I will be going to college this June .. and I still don't know what course to pick

    1. mametchifan1996


      O_O Before you graduate you must know that. :D Anyway,if you want to be rich, take these courses: (copy and paste) and here's other courses:

  11. Happy Easter to you too :))