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  1. I tried the whole reset thing in my celebrity. Here let me say it more clearly:D My v5 celebrity restarted on me even though I didn't press the "reset" button. It happened after I pulled out the paper after not playing with it for 1 month. That clear ? And to me if it's a glitch money isn't good:(
  2. Uhhg I know how you feel, I've gotten a decotchi on my v3, and it was a girl too:(! Yuck, just take whatever the matchmaker gives you and in 2 days *bam* it's gone:D
  3. Ok I have 2 glithes actually that I would like to report:P Ok one with my v5 Ok I clicked on the health icon and looked through it, I saw that I had 5,000 gotchi points. Then I went on tamatown, logged in, and played a game, and got 100 points. Then I checked my tamagotchi v5 and looked at the money and it was at 99,999 points??!! Why is this? Will it mess it up? And another with my v5 celebrity, or v5.5 Ok so a while ago I got tired of playing it and wanted to play with my v3 (I put one away so it wouldn't be a hassle to care for 2 tamagotchis) So I stuck the paper back in and it turned off.... 1 month I got bored with my v3 and wanted to play with my celebrity and my little brother wanted to play his v5. So we both took the piece of paper out, and for some reason when I pulled the tab out of mine it said "wait" then it gave me 3 eggs! But for some reason my little brother's v5 still had all of his memory on it. And I'm 100% sure I didn't press "reset"?? So I tried my other tamagotchis, pulled out the tab and they were fine, just my celebrity??!! Please help. I was on my 6th generation on my celebrity and had the royal family
  4. Oh what is displex? I'll google it, thanks for the tips. EDIT: I googled it and it said it's only good for lCD screens and will ruin other types of screens:(
  5. I totally agree. I was told by everyone that tamagotchis were "stupid" "dumb" "girlish" but I love them:P I'm a boy tis ok to love tamagotchis.
  6. I know how you feel. I used to play 4 tamagotchi at one time. They would constantly beep and it felt like it was taking over my life! Then I went on a "Tamagotchi fast" for 3 days I took to batteries out and didn't touch them for 2 months. But only play with one at a time, stick the peice of paper that came with it back in and put it in your closet until you are bored with that tama. Just play with one at a time. I have 5 tamas but right now I'm only playing my v4. Take it easy:)
  7. Oh my tamagotchi is an asian jinsei tamagotchi. It's the special toys R us version and it doesn't have a chain, it has beads. If I get the chance I'll take a picture of it. The design looks like a giraffe pattern and it has tamagotchis all over it, and not to mention that creepy toys R us giraffe. I bought it for myself in toys R us in hong kong. I put the blue rubber case on it (of which I bought in the US) it should be protected. And thanks for the tip about putting it in a plastic bag:D And the reason why I have all this stuff from different countries is because I travel allot. (in case anyone was wondering)
  8. Oh I recently bought toys R us shell tamagotchi v4 and I've just had it for a few days and it already has numerous scratches on it's screen. But I take very good care of it and it has never dropped or touched anything hard. I had an idea of cutting a phone screen protector and putting it on my tamagotchi, but it fell out today. Any suggestions to make my tamagotchi screen have no scratches???
  9. Oh thank you so much:D I just hope if it does come it out in asia it won't be that much. That is very cool that it is in color, but if it's not the v6 then I wonder what it is? Maybe it will be a spin off like tamagotchi. Kind of like that tamagotchi music thing.
  10. What is tamagotchi color?? I saw it on http://tamagotch.channel.or.jp/toy/tama_color/index.html. Does anyone know what it is? How much it is?