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  1. "How do you (do) ________ like a boss?" is the question you answer! For example: Use your creativity to use your own thing to do that's like a BOSS. WARNING: no matter how awesome the "like a BOSS" may sound, if it includes explosions or guns or sharp blades or anything like that, please do not do in real life. (: -Also, you can use your own life experiences if they were... like a BOSS!!-
  2. -DONT DROP THAT BANANA! -why? -good soucre of potassium.
  3. scarves are used in rock-climbing gear. Everyone knows that. how 'bout an electrical chord?
  4. 9/10 fame fame fame. (i very well know i'm not famous on any forums... I just wanted to see what you all have to say.)
  5. 10/10 (it's called random, not that i'm TRYING to offend youor anything. it's neat having to skip from topic to topic while reading just one siggy, isn't it? oh wait, that's MY opinion, right. i'll shut my big mouth up now...)
  6. hi again! this is Let's say i see. the first person starts off like this "let's say I see (a(n)) ________" (<-- object) and the person below quotes the first person and adds on a thing it can do and why that is useful (remeber the more random the better!). the fifth person ends the story and rates it out of ten (10/10 being best). [if there is anything like this, please tell me and i'll happily apoligize to whoever owns the topic. let an admin close it] easy? I'll start off for you guys: Let's say i see a lamp. this lamp isn't any ordinary lamp. Because
  7. 9.5/10 you could have put together random sayings that don't blend, but other than that small fact, it's perfect!
  8. a hat that's very fashionable. a spoon?
  9. money is used for unicorn feed! haha. compact disk (cd)
  10. this a re-do of my other topic that would never get attention... alright, i have two 4.5's and are separate genders, they are ura young furawatchi,and daiyatchi. I want them to be a kuchipatchi, and a furawatchi or a ura furawatchi, is there a topic out there existing? if there is, can you give me the link? or can you help me? oh yeah, i really want a hitodetchi in the next generation, so can you give the stats on that, please? thanks. P.s. i do my best to take care of them, if that's the problem, please notify.
  11. that's hard. oranges are used for army granades. broken tree limb
  12. alright. no famous ones for patchi, then, i can't seem to get any good topics out. you can tell an admin to close this darned thing, like always.
  13. how to play- one person gives a little description about the weather they are in, the person below has to give their opinion about that kind of weather [if there is one like this, go ahead and close this one, not like I need any famous topics...] i'll start off: snow on the ground, cloudy, may be wet.